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How to Choose a Suitable Security Camera

If you are trying to choose a security camera, the choice can be mind-boggling. Here are some tips to help you out. 1. Understand the variety of security camera types available: Infrared (IR) security cameras. Dome cameras Pro box cameras Pan tilt zoom cameras Hidden cameras. 2.Consider the advantages of using an infrared (IR) security […]

Long Range Security Camera

A Long range security camera refers to any security camera that can focus at least 30 yards away from their mounting point. Long range security cameras will have a tight angle of view. This means that you will only be able to see a target area but not the surrounding area. These cameras are often use viewing […]

Starlight security cameras

Starlight security cameras Starlight cameras are surveillance cameras with the special ability to slow down it’s electronic shutter in order to capture more light for the camera’s CCD chip-set, allowing them to record color video in low light. In certain lighting conditions, this becomes the standard at certain times and the camera responds automatically and takes in […]

Standalone Security Camera

Standalone security cameras are security cameras that have dvr technology built inside the camera. This technology enables the camera to record only when the cameras detects motion. This feature or type of cameras are in high demand, most residential homeowners want something simple and easy to setup. Spy Security Cameras Have Motion Detection Technology If […]

Day and Night Security Cameras

Day & Night security cameras are very neat cameras. They have special CCD chip sets, that give them the ability to see in color in the lowest lighting conditions. The term we use to express that rating is called a lux. The lower the lux in a camera, the better it can see in color before, there […]