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Why are surveillance hard drives so expensive? and Can I use my own Hard Drive?

Why Are Surveillance Hard Drives So Expensive? Can’t I use my own hard drive? The short answer is, that we won’t stop you. (You won’t break our warranty on the DVR). We can understand your desire to do so with the seemingly high price tag we attach to the drives. The reason they may seem […]

Digital Video Recorder

DVR, Digital Video Recorder, records video pictures digitally on a hard disk drive(HDD). This HDD, usually built-in, has capacity of 250 Gb, 320 Gb or 1.5TB to store the records. You can program the picture resolution and recording speed (how many frames per second) according to the application; real-time or time lapse recording also available. […]

DVR Security Camera System: Fulfills Security Needs of Modern Age

Many people have the question whether DVR systems can be connected to a computer or not and if it does, how to connect the monitor to the system. The pledge of web DVRs of the Worldeyecam is that they can be viewed from any computer with an internet link. What most people do not recall […]

Smart Search DVR

The smart search feature on a security dvr, will you to skip over video that has motionless areas to get to the surveillance video you want to review. This is a great feature, especially if you record at real-time and have more than 4 security cameras. If you do the math, you are looking at 4 x 30 frames […]

Real Time Recording DVRs

Real Time Recording is simply a security DVR that displays and records at 30 frames per second per channel of security. Audio is also recorded in real-time. The purpose of recording in real-time is to have the smoothest picture. In security, you cannot afford to have glitchy, unclear, video. For 4 channel DVRs, you have 120 fps total. […]

Network DVR

Network DVRs display the video surveillance system feed from the DVR over an IP address so it is viewable over the Internet and accessible through a browser like internet explorer, mozilla firefox, apple safari, or google chrome. Every stationary DVR we sell is internet ready (mobile DVRs and “hidden” DVRs may not always be network dvrs).


MJPEG compression is part of the Movie Image Experts Group. It was invented many years ago around 1997 and 1998 and now compared to MPEG-4 and H.264 video codecs, it is really low quality. There is still however, great demand for these units. They offer an entry level for many end-users on a tight or low budget. We never […]