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How to Use your Spy Pen Camera

Pen camera is perfect if you need to make short recordings of what/who is in front of you. Because the battery life is limited, this kind of spy camera is not for nanny watching or home surveillance. The battery is going to last up to an hour and a half so it will work great for […]

How to Build a Spy Camera

I am going to show how to build a hidden spycam out of the old web camera. No technical skills required. Do you have a small webcam? Want to start spying right away? Building SpyCam: Tools and supplies For this project you will need USB webcam Old power supply from cellphone or similar small gadget […]

Standalone Security Camera

Standalone security cameras are security cameras that have dvr technology built inside the camera. This technology enables the camera to record only when the cameras detects motion. This feature or type of cameras are in high demand, most residential homeowners want something simple and easy to setup. Spy Security Cameras Have Motion Detection Technology If […]

Spy Camera Review

Why Use a Self-Contained Spy Cam? A self-contained spy cam is a small camera outfitted with a lens and microphone that can capture video. The term self-contained means the camera is a fully-functional, independent device that does not require any external wires or hookups to record video or, in some instances, take photos. Also known as pinhole […]

4 tips for finding hidden Spy Cameras

Do you feel like you are being watched? Are you paranoid that someone is spying on you? If so, this article may give you piece of mind or help you find hidden cameras With the recent advances in technology, tiny surveillance video cameras have become incredibly cheap to buy and the average covert spy camera […]