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Building Site Security Camera Systems

Building Site Security Camera Systems In Danang, Vietnam please contact HighMark Security: 7 Ham Nghi st, Thanh Khe Dist, Danang, Vietnam Tel: 0236 3 690089 Keeping a close eye on the day-to-day construction progress and build-out of a facility through surveillance is a top priority, and shouldn’t be overlooked. Construction sites can face a unique […]

Technology and the Smart Home

A better home? Living in technology. . . Innovative technology has developed to enhance human lives whether that be for better security, organisation, energy usage, entertainment or education, the list goes on. . . One place where all of these prospective improvements come together is in your home. Through the Internet of Things (IoT), developers […]

Why 2017 will finally be the year of the smart home

Why 2017 will finally be the year of the smart home: Consumers figure it out There are tons of high-tech gadgets to make homes “smarter” today, but homeowners are not asking for them as much as you might think. Full home automation is not high on the average house hunter’s priority list. That may be […]

Security Camera Installers in Da Nang, Quang Nam

HighMark Security is an Professional Security Camera Installers in Da Nang, Quang Nam…Vietnam What’s included with this service? Camera placement consultation Mounting customer-supplied cameras Running cables from cameras to customer-supplied monitor or recording device Concealing cables in walls, attic or conduit (onsite inspection may result in additional costs) Programming and tutorial for system use What […]

CCTV Installation – Surveillance System and Security Camera Installers

If you need to find CCTV Installation – Surveillance System and Security Camera Installers In Da Nang, Vietnam please contact HighMark Security 7 Ham Nghi St, Vinh Trung ward, Da Nang City Tel: 0236 3 690089 HighMark Security works to partner with qualified CCTV installers to offer third party surveillance system & security camera installation […]

Security Camera Systems for Banks

There are several things you must consider when installing Security Camera Systems for Banks. Here are some key security measures. It goes without saying that banks are some of the most secure institutions in the world. We all entrust banks with our money, and expect them to keep it safe. One of the many ways […]

How to Choose a Security System for Your Home or Business

A good security system in a home or business can be a mean the difference between security and calamity. You can improve the security of your home or office using security system components that address your specific needs. Surveillance equipment, such as security cameras and recorders, can help you keep an eye on your property. […]