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10 Reasons You Should Consider Using IP Technology

While IP cameras and recorders offer some of the latest features and advances in security technology, IP video has yet to be widely adopted. Why? The two most common reasons cited by our customers are that it is either too expensive, or that it’s just too hard to use. Fortunately, neither argument is valid today. Additionally, IP […]

Are IP Cameras Right for You?

You don’t have to look very hard to find companies claiming that IP based video security systems are the best and only way to go. Clearly there are tremendous benefits of owning a network IP security camera system, while traditional analog systems are still sufficient for many. Bottom line — you should make this decision based on […]

Networking 101 for Security Installers and Integrators Webinar

I’d like to welcome everybody here to the Supercircuits Networking 101 Webinar. We’ll let everybody join and then we’ll get started momentarily. Before we get started I wanted to cover a few things. Training Goal: Helping You Have an Understanding of IP The goal of the training is to help you have an understanding of […]

IP vs Analog and CCTV vs Megapixel