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Day-Night and IR Surveillance Cameras

When it comes to recording overnight, there are several ways that cameras can do this.  Infrared is essential when recording overnight.  Day/Night recording is available on dome, fixed dome, bullet, box, and PTZ security cameras. The camera can be a true day/night (TDN) with a mechanical IR cut filter (ICR), digital day/night, which adjusts electronically without a filter, or it […]

CCTV Lens Guide: Choosing a Security Camera Lens

Focal Length (mm) The focal length (measured in “mm”) of a lens determines how far the camera can see.  The most common focal length on security cameras is 3.6mm, which will allow for roughly a 72 degree field of view (FOV described below).  This particular focal length works well for residential or small office surveillance applications. If […]

Cat 5 vs. Cat 6 Cable for CCTV

CCTV is closely associated with other aspects of the IT world.  In fact, most of the time, it is the IT pros that are assigned with learning about, choosing, ordering, and installing the systems.  I get asked a lot about the difference between Cat5, Cat5e, and Cat6 when customers are looking to buy cable for a CCTV system.  Cat 6 cable is […]

How Many Connectors & Male/Female Power Considerations

Connectors for CCTV installs; what a boring topic, I am almost falling asleep writing this.  What is boring now turns crazy when installs cannot be completed because of an overlooked connector on an order.  For each camera run, we have to think about power and video. There are many different BNC connectors and baluns.  The type […]

CCTV with Audio: 3 Things to Know

There are many times when CCTV cameras with built-in audio (microphones) seem like a great value and a great idea.  If you have looked you probably noticed that we have very few options for those cameras.  While we can get them (send us a request here) we have not had great experiences with them in the past.  If […]

Avoid CCTV System Downtime

One of the hardest parts of working in this industry is the fact that the products we sell are electronics.  Like many electronics, security cameras and DVR recorders can arrive DOA or possibly even malfunction after they are installed.  Needless to say, electronics are touchy and sometimes they mess up. When a CCTV system is installed and a camera […]

Infrared Surveillance Camera

Infrared security cameras, are cameras that have the special ability to render video in low-light conditions and in total darkness. There are many different models, each have their own look, purpose and application uses. If you are looking to develop a surveillance system, using infrared technology know that they are the best in being able to […]