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What is Web Camera?

Web Camera (Web Camera Server, or Network Camera) is a CCTV Camera with built-in network video server so that you can connect it to a network line such as DSL or T-1 for the Internet or LAN. When you assign an IP address to the camera, you can see the camera’s video at any place where the network line is available. One […]

Digital Video Recorder

DVR, Digital Video Recorder, records video pictures digitally on a hard disk drive(HDD). This HDD, usually built-in, has capacity of 250 Gb, 320 Gb or 1.5TB to store the records. You can program the picture resolution and recording speed (how many frames per second) according to the application; real-time or time lapse recording also available. […]

Types of Monitors

B/W Monitor and Color MonitorIn the past, 9 to 12 inch (diagonal) B/W monitors were widely used in the field. These days, many people are looking for 14 inches for color monitor and 17 inches for B/W. As the color monitor needs 3 different color dots to produce one pixel of information on the monitor, […]

About Video Switcher

Video Switcher is a combiner to combine multiple cameras and to show them on a monitor screen one by one, manually or automatically. When it works on automatic sequential mode, you can program the dwelling time on each camera, usually from 1 second to 30 or 60 seconds. Most video switchers have BNC jacks for video input […]

About Quad Splitter

Quad Splitter is a combiner to combine up to 4 cameras and to show them on a monitor screen split into 4 at the same time. Usually, it also has built-in switcherwhich can display the pictures one by one. Some models have BNC jacks for video inputs and others RCA jacks. You may choose one according to your camera’s […]

About Network Lines for CCTV Transmission

The technology in this field enables us to use the Internet or intranet line as a video transmission method. DSL and T-1 are for the Internet connection and LAN (or WAN) is for intranet. DSL DSL, Digital Subscriber Line, is commercialized with the speeds from 144 Kbps to 1.1 Mbps. (More than 1.5 Mbps speed […]

About Wireless Transmitter and Receiver

When it is difficult to run a cable to transmit video signals of the camera to the monitor, you might want to consider wireless transmission. But, the wireless signals may be attenuated or blocked by heavy metal walls, high voltage power lines, microwave equipment and others. The wireless system is strictly controlled by the FCC. […]