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Optical Zoom Versus Digital Zoom

What’s Better: Optical Zoom or Digital Zoom? Zoom on a security camera makes a big difference. A lens with a good capability to capture details will record superior video footage when compared to its competition. Sometimes intricate video footage is necessary, especially in places which need top of the line security. A camera which cannot […]

How to Compare Security Cameras

Video surveillance plays an integral part of an effective security system, but the protection level is only as good as the cameras used. Whether a one-camera setup or an intricate multicamera network, your security system must utilize cameras designed for your specific needs. Knowing a few key factors can help you compare security cameras to […]

How Does an IR Camera Work?

Infrared Energy Detection Want to know how an IR camera works? An infrared camera is a non-contact device that detects infrared energy (heat) and converts it into an electronic signal, which is then processed to produce a thermal image on a video monitor and perform temperature calculations. Heat sensed by an infrared camera can be […]

What Is an IR Camera?

An IR camera is an infrared device that creates images from infrared radiation. Also known as athermographic camera, an IR camera uses wavelengths longer than visible light to create images even in total darkness. The two main types of cameras are cooled infrared detectors and uncooled infrared detectors. The basic operation of an IR camera works by detecting the amount […]

How do internet cameras work ?

What is an Internet Camera (Also Known as a Webcam)? Internet cameras go by a lot of different names. You might hear them referred to as “IP or “internet protocol” cams, “network cameras” or “webcams.” Whatever you choose to call it, an internet cam is a camera that sends and receives data over a local area […]

4 tips for finding hidden Spy Cameras

Do you feel like you are being watched? Are you paranoid that someone is spying on you? If so, this article may give you piece of mind or help you find hidden cameras With the recent advances in technology, tiny surveillance video cameras have become incredibly cheap to buy and the average covert spy camera […]

Uses of Surveillance Cameras With Audio

In today’s world, technology has advanced at a very high rate, there are many surveillance cameras, which have are capable of recording images, video clips and audio. This makes it very easy for the security agents to hear what the people are discussing. Such advanced cameras are mostly used as a spying device. This way […]