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What is AHD?

What is AHD? AHD is a newly developed solution for transmitting full HD digital video in a surveillance system. The core concept of AHD is to deliver high definition video using digital TV (DTV) transmission. With AHD, high definition digital video can be transmitted easily over coaxial cables, twisted pairs, or simply over the air. Multiple […]

PTZ Camera Installation – Frequently Asked Questions

PTZ Camera Installation – Frequently Asked Questions Q: What is a PTZ camera? Q: What are PTZ protocol, baud rate, and ID settings? Q: How do I connect a PTZ camera to my DVR? Q: How do I connect multiple PTZ cameras to a single DVR? Q: How do I control the movement of a […]

Camera Location: Placement and Positioning

Camera Location Tips Camera Location depends on the following: Distance from camera to viewing / recording device Environmental conditions Lighting conditions Distance Tips The further you wish to place the camera from the viewing or recording device, the higher the quality of the camera and cable should be. This will help ensure an acceptable image […]

Megapixel Security Cameras

What is a Megapixel Security Camera? First of all, a megapixel camera is a digital camera. A megapixel camera takes the images captured by its lens and converts them into a computer code. This code can then travel over the internet or network in the same way that any other computer file is transfered. Secondly, […]

How to Buy a CCTV Security Camera System

CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television, and is a system of security cameras all linked to one monitoring system. Since CCTV cameras are now gaining in popularity and becoming more affordable, homeowners can feel more comfortable knowing they can secure their home, home businesses and other personal properties. Scroll past the jump to learn more […]

3 Common Mistakes When Integrating a Camera System

When dealing with CCTV security systems, many things can go wrong if you don’t do your research. This article will outline the 3 most common mistakes and misconceptions I tend to encounter. No wires = more problems: The many issues that surround wireless cameras more often than not outweigh its ease of use. First off, wireless […]

CCTV Camera Self-Installation Tips

In the market for a new surveillance system?  Here are some quick tips to keep in mind when looking to install a new CCTV setup: When selecting a power supply unit that powers up several cameras from one source, pick a unit that has the fuseless design. This will greatly decrease the possibility of having […]