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What is your Security Solution

Determining your security needs on a complete solution basis is crucial. A good question to ask yourself is one of: “Is my security system up to homeland security standards”? Often times we run into poorly outfitted applications and an upset end user. Let’s talk about this… Best place to start is locating a vendor or […]

CCTV Basics: FPS, TVL, MP Specs Explained!

When shopping for a new CCTV System, don’t be confused by the plethora of acronyms describing cameras and DVRs!  Keep a few key pointers in mind: 1.)    FPS (or Frame Rate): This spec informs you of how many frames-per-second the camera or DVR runs at.  The max each channel can record at is 30 frames […]

Motion Detection Explained

Motion detection may seem like a complicated technology, but it’s actually a very simple issue. Recorded video is nothing more than a series of snapped image stills, or pictures, played fast enough to where it appears there is motion. Each still picture equals one frame of video.  The DVR, or the camera, keeps a number […]

CCTV Camera Self-Installation Tips

In the market for a new surveillance system?  Here are some quick tips to keep in mind when looking to install a new CCTV setup: When selecting a power supply unit that powers up several cameras from one source, pick a unit that has the fuseless design. This will greatly decrease the possibility of having […]

Security DVR, DVR Security : Securing Your Security Camera System

If you’d like to make your security camera system secure, there are three main precautions to take: Protect the DVR Limit access to the DVR Protect the security cameras With a properly secured setup, most potential vandals will be sure to head for the hills. The first precaution is to protect the DVR.  You can […]

Video Tutorial : How to Connect an In-Line Microphone to a DVR & Camera

Tutorial : How to Connect an In-Line Microphone to a DVR & Camera Welcome to the ApexCCTV Video Surveillance Instructional series. During this block of instruction, we are going to demonstrate how to attach an inline microphone, such as this, to a camera using video cable, an audio cable, and a power supply attached to […]

Video Tutorial : How to Install a Screw-On Connector to Siamese Cable

nstalling a Screw-On BNC Connector to a Siamese Cable – How To Today, we are going to demonstrate how to apply or put on a BNC screw-on connector on the Siamese Cable. The only tool that you really need is a pair of small dykes. First, take your screw-on BNC connector and measure it against […]