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DVR Review

Why Buy a DVR? In the heart of the average American home, there stands a television, glowing with the promise of entertainment. We gather around it, ingesting world news reports, aching for forbidden love and laughing along with our favorite comedians. Believe it or not, there once was a time when catching your favorite show […]

Infrared Surveillance Camera

Infrared security cameras, are cameras that have the special ability to render video in low-light conditions and in total darkness. There are many different models, each have their own look, purpose and application uses. If you are looking to develop a surveillance system, using infrared technology know that they are the best in being able to […]

Surveillance DVR FAQ’s

So you are looking to invest into a surveillance DVR? There are many questions that arise when one is trying to understand what they need. People of all backgrounds have very different reasons why they need a surveillance DVR. It is so hard to list all the different CCTV applications we have consulted. In fact, […]

Bullet Security Cameras FAQ

Everything you need to know about your Bullet Security Camera A Bullet security camera is a great entry level cameras to equip any home, small,medium, or commercial business with. They got their name originally from the very tiny models that looked similar to the muzzle of a shot gun barrel. The cylinder was so slim, […]

Hidden Security Cameras FAQ

Everything you need to know about your Hidden Security Camera Hidden security cameras are cameras made to conceal their presence. All hidden cameras have some sort of small mini pin or micro pin cam inside. They come in all kinds of objects and shapes. The most common are smoke detectors, motion detector cams, pens, exit […]

What are those horizontal lines that wiggle on a CCTV camera?

Q: What are those horizontal lines that wiggle on a CCTV camera?   Wiggling hoizontal lines are called “smear” or “blooming.” Most security cameras are single chip CCD sensor cameras. When a CCD sensor is faced with a light that is so bright that overwhelms a pixel, it will affect all the pixels below it. So what […]

Should I use a IP or HD-SDI for HD Recording?

IP vs HD-SDI – The FAQ There is a new competitor in the field of HD Video Surveillance Systems, HD-SDI.  We personally had a lot of questions about HD-SDI and we’ve had many from both installers and end users.  We put together some of the most common and critical questions comparing HD-SDI to IP systems […]