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CCTV Power Supply Distance, Cat5 & Siamese Cable Considerations

Cat5 or Siamese Coax I have experienced a number of clients that ask about using cat5 cable rather than traditional Siamese coax cable for their camera runs.  Is cat5 heavy enough?  Will I be able to transmit video as far as I can with Siamese?  How does the power work with regards to cat5 cabling?  These are all very […]

Upgrading an Existing Surveillance System

Many customers are interested in upgrading their old cameras to the newer, more network friendly,  IP cameras (read the benefits of IP cameras). This can be a daunting task for a business or residence to undertake, and can certainly get expensive. To avoid the headache, clients sometimes feel the need to scrap everything and start from scratch. […]

How Many Connectors & Male/Female Power Considerations

Connectors for CCTV installs; what a boring topic, I am almost falling asleep writing this.  What is boring now turns crazy when installs cannot be completed because of an overlooked connector on an order.  For each camera run, we have to think about power and video. There are many different BNC connectors and baluns.  The type […]

Why can’t I find a PC Based DVR anymore?

Why PC based recording is more trouble than you think PC based recording used to be a viable option for video surveillance, but never worked as well in the real world as it did on paper. Moreover one small change made PC-based recording terribly frustrating: MIcrosoft Update’s mandatory computer restarts. PC based recording never amounted […]

How do I daisy chain PTZ cameras?

Daisy Chain PTZ Cameras Diagram How to Daisy Chain PTZ Cameras Description   For PTZ Cameras, you have three cables as opposed to the normal two for regular cameras: power, video, and data. Step one — run RJ45 (aka CAT5) between each camera like the diagram above. RS45 is your data cable and there should be […]

How to Run CCTV Cable

There are several ways to run CCTV Cable, as there are several different types of cable that can be used.   Different Security Camera Cable Options and their Corresponding Guides This guide covers running Siamese RG59 Coax CCTV cable for analog security cameras. Siamese cable is the most common type of security camera cable runs and contains […]

CCTV Installation guidelines

BEFORE YOU BEGIN Take time to plan your installation carefully as it will require longer than you think and will save you time overall. Work out the best way to run the cables back to the CCTV DVR recorder and your power source before you commence installation. Think carefully about the sighting of your cameras […]