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How to Choose a Security System

TYPES OF SECURITY SYSTEMS There is a wide variety of security systems, and each has special features that set it apart from its competitors. When differentiating between security systems, it’s important to consider these three categories: Monitoring: the means by which the system communicates with its monitoring center. Installation: the method of installation–professional or DIY. […]

How to Install a Home Security Camera – Surveillance Systems

“Home security camera” is a broad term, it includes nanny cameras, hidden cameras, outdoor cameras, Wi-Fi-IP cameras etc… This article covers conventional CCTV (close- circuit television) system. CCTV system consists of cameras, cables (if wired), transmitters & receivers (if wireless), a DVR (digital video recorder) and a monitor. Most of DVRs come with network capability where […]

Security Camera Installation

Purchasing and installing a home or business surveillance system can be an overwhelming task for someone unfamiliar with the industry. Components of this process include choosing surveillance equipment, setting up recording devices, scheduling timers, and the mechanical aspects of installation. Skilled professionals, like those at Rushrash, may be familiar with these elements, but a common office manager, […]

PTZ Camera Setup – Outdoor

PTZ Camera Setup & Configuration In order to gain access to the PTZ dip switches to configure the camera’s setting, you must remove the camera from the housing.  The first step is to remove the dome cover of the camera using the allen wrench that came with the camera as seen below. Next, remove the […]

How to Connect CCTV Cameras to Multiple Monitors and DVRs

Connecting video from CCTV cameras to multiple monitors can be very simple using video distributors and multiplexers. It is very typical for business owners and corporate security officers to require the display of surveillance video on both public and private monitors and also want to record the video to a DVR. At some point, I […]

Installing your Wireless Home Security Camera

Wireless Home Security Camera – Every home requires a Wireless Home Security Camera. It’s not really a sign that there are very valuable things inside. But to everybody, the most valuable thing should be the safety of the family members. A Wireless Home Security Camera can come in most sizes and shapes. They can be mounted just about […]

How to Choose a Suitable Security Camera

If you are trying to choose a security camera, the choice can be mind-boggling. Here are some tips to help you out. 1. Understand the variety of security camera types available: Infrared (IR) security cameras. Dome cameras Pro box cameras Pan tilt zoom cameras Hidden cameras. 2.Consider the advantages of using an infrared (IR) security […]