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How to Install a Security Camera System for a House

The idea of drilling holes through the walls of your house to run video and power cables for a security camera system might seem difficult and daunting; however with a little bit of information you might find it to be fairly simple and an enjoyable project. Method 1 of 2: Finding the right location for […]

How to make a hidden camera

HOW TO MAKE A HIDDEN CAMERA Simple Steps to Set Up Your Own Custom Covert Recording Device Why Hidden Cameras? A hidden camera can be installed covertly in your home or office and will give you the evidence you need in case of theft or vandalism. And of course, nanny cams or “granny cams” can […]

Top Tips for Maintaining your Video Security System

In order to determine that your video security system is performing optimally, it’s a good idea to schedule regular system maintenance. This enables you to protect your investment and ensure that you’re getting the best performance out of your security system. We’ve put together our top tips for maintaining your system. 1. Trim Landscaping Take a look […]

How to Install Like a Pro

Choose camera locations Pick the locations you want to view- high theft areas, doors, cash registers, loading docks, inventory storage areas- anywhere you want watchful eyes. Mount cameras This takes just a few minutes with our MB-14 universal mounting brackets. The MB-14 is easy to install on drop ceiling t-rails, drywall or paneling. Install lens […]