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3 Common Mistakes When Integrating a Camera System

When dealing with CCTV security systems, many things can go wrong if you don’t do your research. This article will outline the 3 most common mistakes and misconceptions I tend to encounter. No wires = more problems: The many issues that surround wireless cameras more often than not outweigh its ease of use. First off, wireless […]

3 Benefits of Sony Effio Security Cameras

The demand for higher resolution cameras is on the rise in the analog arena. People are trying to be cost effective, but at the same time still get the performance of a megapixel camera. Thus, Sony has entered the ring with Sony Effio (Enhanced Features and Fine Image Processor) chipsets and CCD chips, and which […]

HD vs Megapixel – What’s the Difference?

When a customer inquires about a high definition or megapixel security camera you must be able to define the difference and provide the best possible solutions for each application. What is HD? What are megapixels? Let’s start with the basics. SD (standard definition) consists of 704 pixels with 480 lines of resolution and is the […]

Resolution Revolution

Making the decision to purchase a security camera or surveillance system is a great way to help protect the assets and people that are important you. However, when trying to select from a wide range of options and models, the specifics can be a bit overwhelming. The good news is that while shopping for the security camera that will […]

Digital vs. Optical Zoom

Unwary buyers of surveillance cameras are sometimes unaware of terms in the industry.  Being caught without knowledge of the salesperson’s jargon can mean that you won’t get what you think you’re getting for the money. One such term is zoom.  Pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras and some fixed cameras have lenses that zoom in on an object.  In other […]

Time Stamping on Security Cameras

Security cameras were made to aid the consumer in keeping an eye out for what is taking place on their property. They were a means for deterring and detecting crime. Both businesses and the public have been using them for surveillance of their offices, factories, stores, and houses. Since the availability of these cameras, robberies and […]

Voltage & Amperage Guide for your CCTV Cameras

If the proper power is not supplied to your CCTV equipment, it can cause it to lose signal or in some cases cause your camera(s) to fry!  Two essential things to consider include Voltage and Amperage (you also want to keep in mind loss of power like Voltage Drop, which can be calculated here). That said, […]