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Voltage & Amperage Guide for your CCTV Cameras

If the proper power is not supplied to your CCTV equipment, it can cause it to lose signal or in some cases cause your camera(s) to fry!  Two essential things to consider include Voltage and Amperage (you also want to keep in mind loss of power like Voltage Drop, which can be calculated here). That said, […]

Day-Night and IR Surveillance Cameras

When it comes to recording overnight, there are several ways that cameras can do this.  Infrared is essential when recording overnight.  Day/Night recording is available on dome, fixed dome, bullet, box, and PTZ security cameras. The camera can be a true day/night (TDN) with a mechanical IR cut filter (ICR), digital day/night, which adjusts electronically without a filter, or it […]

CCTV Lens Guide: Choosing a Security Camera Lens

Focal Length (mm) The focal length (measured in “mm”) of a lens determines how far the camera can see.  The most common focal length on security cameras is 3.6mm, which will allow for roughly a 72 degree field of view (FOV described below).  This particular focal length works well for residential or small office surveillance applications. If […]

Bullet Security Cameras FAQ

Everything you need to know about your Bullet Security Camera A Bullet security camera is a great entry level cameras to equip any home, small,medium, or commercial business with. They got their name originally from the very tiny models that looked similar to the muzzle of a shot gun barrel. The cylinder was so slim, […]

Hidden Security Cameras FAQ

Everything you need to know about your Hidden Security Camera Hidden security cameras are cameras made to conceal their presence. All hidden cameras have some sort of small mini pin or micro pin cam inside. They come in all kinds of objects and shapes. The most common are smoke detectors, motion detector cams, pens, exit […]

What’s the difference between PTZ and Mini Speed Dome Cameras?

PTZ Verus Mini Speed Dome Cameras PTZ cameras and Mini Speed Dome Cameras are almost the same thing, however, there are some slight differences. PTZ stands for Pan Tilt Zoom. It is an acronym that is used to describe the camera’s capabilities. A PTZ camera is able to be controlled with a remote control or joystick. It […]

Should I use IP or Analog Cameras?

IP vs Analog Security Cameras This chart illustrates the differences between IP and analog cameras. After the chart is an explanation of why people choose either IP or analog (CCTV) cameras. How IP Cameras and Analog Cameras Differ Analog (CCTV) IP Resolution Click for larger image. CIF 360 x 240 or Full D1 720 x […]