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What is Web Camera?

Web Camera (Web Camera Server, or Network Camera) is a CCTV Camera with built-in network video server so that you can connect it to a network line such as DSL or T-1 for the Internet or LAN. When you assign an IP address to the camera, you can see the camera’s video at any place where the network line is available. One […]

Starlight security cameras

Starlight security cameras Starlight cameras are surveillance cameras with the special ability to slow down it’s electronic shutter in order to capture more light for the camera’s CCD chip-set, allowing them to record color video in low light. In certain lighting conditions, this becomes the standard at certain times and the camera responds automatically and takes in […]

Standalone Security Camera

Standalone security cameras are security cameras that have dvr technology built inside the camera. This technology enables the camera to record only when the cameras detects motion. This feature or type of cameras are in high demand, most residential homeowners want something simple and easy to setup. Spy Security Cameras Have Motion Detection Technology If […]

Uses of Surveillance Cameras With Audio

In today’s world, technology has advanced at a very high rate, there are many surveillance cameras, which have are capable of recording images, video clips and audio. This makes it very easy for the security agents to hear what the people are discussing. Such advanced cameras are mostly used as a spying device. This way […]

Four Ways HD Surveillance Users Can Reduce Bandwidth

When it comes down to managing a company’s network, IT professionals are like Suzy Orman with their bandwidth. They are cautious and strategic with how they allocate it. With only a modest percentage of the bandwidth usually reserved for video surveillance, the last thing an IT manager wants is video footage – particularly if it’s […]

Analog CCTV Camera Power and Voltage Drop Decoded

Supplying your analog security cameras with the proper amount of power is essential. It’s especially important because problems can occur if there’s too much or too little power. If your camera is not getting enough power, it may lose signal. And, if your camera receives too much power, it may damage or short out your camera. When […]

The Camera Never Lies

Retailers face an incredible dilemma when it comes to protecting their merchandise. Sources of risk come in the form of waste, errors, accidents and thefts by employees, vendors and so-called “shoplifters.” Aside from the risk of actual inventory loss, other risks, namely exposure to civil litigation, lurk around every corner. What to do? The merchant […]