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How Hidden Cameras Can Double The Effectiveness of your Security System

Like it or not, your losses from employee theft are likely to be almost double that from shoplifters. In fact, based on a recent study published by the University of Florida, 47% of all retail loss is due to employee theft … and for businesses without a retail presence, virtually all loss is employee related. […]

5 Things You Should Know about Infrared Illuminators

The use of infrared with video cameras has been a proven partner for military, law enforcement, aviation and scientific research for several decades. And as costs decrease and awareness grows, infrared technology is becoming more widely used for home and business applications. Here are some of the top reasons you should consider infrared: 1. Perfect […]

Understanding Wide Dynamic Range

What is Dynamic Range? Dynamic range is the ratio of the maximum signal output of the sensor to the smallest signal output of the sensor. Or, in other words, dynamic range is the ratio of the brightest portion (maximum output) of the image to the darkest portion (smallest output) of the image. Most standard CCD […]

The Capabilities and Benefits of Mobile Video

Mobile video has long been employed by law enforcement to provide an unbiased account of police interactions. And when mounted in plain view – whether on the side of a building, in a store front, or on the dashboard of a car – video cameras have a tendency to keep all parties on their best […]