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DVR Setup Guide : The Basics of Setting Up a DVR for Remote Connections

As a support technician, one of the most frequent questions I am asked is how to setup a DVR so it can be viewed from another location or iPhone / Android / Blackberry smartphone. As you will soon see, this can be a complicated and time-consuming process; this is why companies usually charge to log […]

Security DVR Software : Three Software Features You Need in Your Security System

As you probably already know, there are many different components to a security camera system. Most people think that the cameras are the most important items in the system, however without the security DVR; you don’t have a system at all. Think of the DVR as the engine to a car, without it, the vehicle is […]

Easy Guide For Your Security DVR System

So you are the sole proprietor of a retail shop and after much research on, you have pieced together the perfect digital video security system to help curb your increasing shrinkage problem. Huge 500 gig hard drive, 10 days of storage, 2 gigs of ram, and the latest video card. You are locked and loaded just […]

Masking for Motion Detection and Privacy Masking

Oftentimes when using video surveillance, there are certain areas that need to be either concealed (Privacy Masking) or areas that must prevent the motion detection from going off (Masking). If you have video surveillance in an area where you want to utilize motion detection for certain elements but not for others, then you’ll need video Masking, […]

DVR Recorders – PC Based vs Standalone

Oftentimes I hear the question, “Which is better – PC-based or standalone DVR”?  That is like asking which is better – a mop or a broom?  Or similarly – which is better – a ball-peen hammer or a claw hammer?  The point is that one is comparing two tools, on the surface and at first glance they appear […]

DVR Capture Card Guide: Choosing a DVR Card

In the first part of our DVR capture card guide, we discussed the importance of choosing the card with the desired frame rate and resolution. Plus, we informed the user of some of the major abilities you get with DVR capture cards such as remote viewing and video compression. For part two of our DVR guide, we look at […]

DVR Review

Why Buy a DVR? In the heart of the average American home, there stands a television, glowing with the promise of entertainment. We gather around it, ingesting world news reports, aching for forbidden love and laughing along with our favorite comedians. Believe it or not, there once was a time when catching your favorite show […]