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Sport Camera Reviews

Why Choose Sport Camera ?


Whether you’re a scuba diver, snow skier, mountain biker, mountain climber or participate in various other sports, action camcorders can help you document your conquests. The cameras are waterproof, often come with protective casings and can take a beating and still keep on ticking. The best action camcorders even allow you to go underwater and snorkel, scuba dive or just go for a swim. The cameras have many of the same features of more traditional cameras. However, because a sports camcorder is most often used during moments of action, there are usually fewer focus and zoom features. Some of the more competitive and useful action camcorders include GoPro, Sony Action Cam and Drift HD Ghost. For more information, read our articles on action camcorders.

Action Camcorders: What to Look For

Action camcorders are designed to withstand much rougher conditions than traditional cameras can handle. The hard casings and other durable construction elements help you record with confidence even in the most extreme environments. Most action camcorders have a wide-angle view without the ability to zoom or focus. This doesn’t result in the highest quality images and video available, but on-the-go and underwater capabilities make up for the lacking image and video quality.

Image/Video Quality
The best action camcorders can record in high definition and take high quality photos. The video will usually have an auto-focus, but should produce high quality video and photos. The video angle will be wide, but through editing, you should be able to have a clear video that tracks your movements. Still photos can often be taken mid-recording and should be very high resolution. Tracking your photos can often be difficult, however, because usually there are no viewing screens for photo preview.

The construction of the underwater camcorder is paramount. If you’ll be taking your camera on underwater adventures and down mountain slopes, you’ll need a dependable, solidly built camera. Another important factor is size. You’ll want a lightweight action camcorder that is small enough to not get in your way as you perform your stunts, tricks or daredevil feats.

Many waterproof camcorders also come with protective casings. This is perfect for extra protection and can help make the camera waterproof. The casing can also cause other problems with video and image quality and result in a fishbowl effect for videos if it’s not done correctly. The casings should be included with the purchase.

There are various other tools that action camcorders utilize to provide you with the best possible picture and image quality and make it simpler to use the cameras. Some action camcorders have built-in Wi-Fi which means your smartphone can be used as a remote and completely control the camera while in use. This includes screen previewing features and still-image control. There are other various other features, such as applications available for download, different mounts and other tools.

Help & Support
These camcorders are very simple to use and usually have even fewer buttons and controls than other digital cameras. If you do encounter some difficulties with the camcorders, you should have the option to contact a helpful customer support team.

Action camcorders are terrific for capturing video of extreme sports, individual sports or even family activities. You won’t have to worry about missing any of the action because the camcorder will record everything on-the-go.