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Spy Cameras for Home

If household surveillance is on your mind, it’s time to think about spy cameras for home. Most residents who install spy or hidden cameras in or around their property do so for two reasons: to watch out for loved ones or safeguard their property. Whether you have children or physically challenged people in your home who need safety surveillance or you want to keep an eye on the perimeter of your property, spy cameras for home offer a variety of options.


First, a spy camera is designed to look like an object that is not normally associated with hidden video capability. Spy cameras for home often are built into common household items such as alarm clocks, lamps, air purifiers, wall clocks, tissue boxes and fully functioning cordless phone systems. Some spy cams are small enough to be built into a pen or faux stick of gum.

When considering what type of spy cam to purchase, think about where you’ll want to place the camera and what type of images you’ll need. A spy cam is only as good as its placement. If you’re concerned about surveying a particular room, think about what type of object would make sense to be in that room, and then look for something that works. Choosing a spy cam built into an iPod speaker system, for example, is only practical if the speaker system is in a room where you’d normally place it. Similarly, buying a spy cam built into a working cigarette lighter is suspicious if no one in your house smokes.

Next, if you’re in the market for spy cameras that you install yourself in a specific room or conceal outside your home, you have several options. The first, a hardwired spy webcam, is a device that captures images and uploads those images to the internet. For this setup, you need a webcam, spy webcam software and an internet connection to be able to view your surveillance video online.

These spy cameras for home are useful for people who want to check out the action in and around their homes while they’re in a remote location. You could be at the office or on vacation, and as long as you have internet access at your remote location, you can see what’s happening inside or outside your home in real time.

In the wireless arena, spy webcams combine the camera itself with a transmitter that coverts the captured video data into a wireless signal. There’s also a receiver that gathers image data and converts it into a video signal. These spy cams typically are easy to use and install wherever you choose. There are also mini versions of the spy camera for home that come in sizes as small as a penny. These cameras can detect and record images up to a surprising distance of 1000ft, which makes them ideal for outdoor surveillance.

Depending on your needs, you can find spy cameras for home that record color or black-and-white images. Review your options carefully. Some spy cams are better than others for low-light conditions, and some offer audio capabilities in addition to video.

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