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Getting Started with IP Cameras

If you are a lame person unversed with the technological advances in cameras than you must have wondered quite a time about the terms such as auto focus, smart focus etc. if you have a chance to inquire an IP professional about these terms than he would tell you that these things help you save time of installation on camera systems. Before we begin to start our discussion on the topic let us take a step back and have a look into the actual functionality of this technology.

Auto focus and smart focus IP cameras are integrated with the technology so as to assist you to manipulate data distantly across the network. You need not anymore to rush the crew, boom lift to refocus a camera as with IP technology you can now handle your camera remotely from your office or home. Today there are automated focused cameras which tend to focused themselves automatically by internalizing the image in order to attain the clearest picture. However, you better be considerate of focusing your camera manually through focal button on the graphical user interface of camera, this is because not always cameras are adjusted perfectly by themselves and you need to handle them thorough their interface. Every manufacturer installs the different technology integrated for auto focus experience; therefore you need to ensure that you select the latest technologically advanced model and inspect the performance before finalizing.

IP Camera

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All About IP Cameras!

Now that you are done with the basic terminologies of IP surveillance cameras, now you can concentrate on certain other aspects. You would definitely want to concentrate on the resolution as the foremost important feature. Categorically speaking, IP surveillance camera resolution can be divided into two major categories. First is the spatial resolution which denotes to the number of pixels that can be fitted on the screen, this is precisely what majority of people think when they are talking about resolution even about the television set. A high resolution television will denote to the television that can fit larger amount of pixel in the screen so as to provide more clarity and detail in result. However, when talking about camera, this will be decided by the Megapixel of your camera. The higher the megapixel of your camera, greater will be the detail on screen and more you will be able to make out of the images and videos. This is especially important when you are using the video footage as evidence where the quality of the footage can make or break your case in front of police and courts.
Once we are done with spatial resolution it is time to move on to the other category of resolution “temporal resolution”. The term ‘temporal’ refers to time, which means that the temporal resolution will decide the amount of frames that you can get within a specific time frame. This means that temporal resolution will decide whether your footage will look clear or jerky. A high temporal resolution camera will ensure that your recorded footage runs smoothly and looks real, whereas a footage recorded with low resolution camera would mean that recorded evidence is flicker or jerky. This is more commonly referred as frame rate which is measures in Frames per second (fps). Getting simpler it would mean that the higher fps cameras you are using, the higher amount of frames and smoother footage you can receive. Again the temporal resolution is vital to get hold of anything that transpires as a slow frame rate is prone to miss specific actions of mischief such as shop vandalizing or shop lifting leaving you with inadequate evidences to prosecute with. However there is a serious drawback of higher resolution files storage. Higher the resolution, larger will be the file size and more will be the required space to store them on any storage. Thankfully, many IP surveillance cameras come with options to store files in varied resolution. You should therefore opt for the camera those records at the highest resolution and store in the smallest file size.

IR camera

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Infrared Camera

Infrared light translated by electromagnetic waves can be visible as violet or red. Some waves are diminishingly short whereas others are longer with resemblance to microwaves. When talking about security and surveillance there is no better option than to go for infrared security cameras.

Below in this article we will be looking at some of the vital features of infrared cameras, which can be prove of great worth for your assistance when choosing a camera.

Infrared radiations can be integrated and seen with modified equipments that will enable us to view objects in utter darkness or at regular conditions. It is important to understand that the IR illuminators used in IR cameras are only ‘ON’ when the light levels are below than a predetermined level. Moreover, the IR light is not visible like flashlight or flood light, although one can witness a reddish glow by starring directly at the LED. The projected light is merely evident to camera’s sensors. However, you can clearly observe and monitor the footage even of an utter black site on monitor. Therefore, the greater the number of emitters attached to the camera, the larger will be the surveillance area. This is especially true when talking about night surveillance. If you are dealing with limited budget then you can opt for cheap IR cameras that will lighten up the center portion of picture leaving the edges in darkness.

Another important technology in IR cameras is the use of external IR LED. These are cameras which originally are void of IR LED, however by installing an exterior IR LED they can be utilized for IR surveillance at nights as well. Today IR cameras are being manufactured in all shapes and sizes. You can choose from a wide dynamic range of IR cameras available in market that best suits your need and requirements.