CCTV Security Camera News in Da Nang Vietnam

Surveillance Security Cameras Systems for Hotels & Motels

Surveillance Security Cameras Systems (CCTV) for Hotels & Motels

Security cameras are a must for motels, resorts, hotels and lodging. The importance of surveillance cameras is increasing as hotels are seeing a large increase in travelers and max capacity. Hotel guests, employees, staff and the hotel property itself should be under constant security surveillance to ensure the safety of those on the grounds. A well installed hotel surveillance security system can help to protect your hotel or resort and give guests a peace of mind when they stay.


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Benefits or Hotel Security Cameras

Hotel Security – Hotel security cameras help to keep your visitors, guests and staff safe from crime and theft by helping you track visitors on your property and prevent break-ins.

Theft Prevention – Hotel surveillance cameras help to restrict possible intruders from entering your property and helps to keep trespassers out of exclusive hotel areas such as gyms and swimming pools, where theft commonly occurs. Security cameras in maintenance and storage rooms helps to prevent potential employee theft.

Competition – All guests want to feel safe when staying at your hotel. Besides providing security, hotel CCTV systems offer your guests a peace of mind while at your hotel. This helps to increase repeat business and maintain a competitive edge within the hotel market.

Flexibility – New age digital video surveillance cameras are very easy to install. Many of the newer systems simply require one wire between the camera and recorder. This makes self install or maintenance very easy.

Monitoring Remotely – New HD NVRs (Network Video Recorders) or DVRs (Digital Video Recorders) allow you to monitor and view your cameras from practically anywhere in the world. These newer systems allow you to use a PC, Mac, iPhone or Android device to monitor live or recorded video at anytime without being physically at the premise.

Motel Security Cameras Risks

Privacy Concern – Lobbies, pool, spa, restaurants, meeting areas and reception are all locations ideal for security camera installations and help protect your guests. Bathrooms, guest rooms and break rooms should not cameras installed and are considered an invasion of privacy.

Damages – Anytime you have surveillance cameras mounted outdoors they can be susceptible to damage from weather, vandalism or falling objects. It is always important to have a backup or secondary security system in place should this occur.

Power Outage – Any power disruption or power surge can not only damage your surveillance cameras but also disrupt your video recordings. We suggest you take measures to protect your cameras and systems from surges and power disruptions.

Hotel Surveillance Cameras

All hotels and resorts are different and have different security needs. Consider the following when installing and purchasing your hotel security camera system:

  • What area is theft most common?
  • Has there been a time you wished you caught something on camera?
  • How is security currently manage at your hotel?
  • Is your neighborhood conducive to crime and theft?
  • What is your average guest like?
    • Families
    • Business traveler
    • Leisure & Fun travelers
  • What is your property layout?
    • One building houses all your guest rooms and amenities like spa, pool, and facilities.
    • You have several buildings over a large property
  • Have you experienced employee theft?

CCTV Systems for Resorts, Inns, and Bed and Breakfast. Setup Advice

  • Install surveillance cameras at all exits and entrances so you may monitor and record each guest or visitor as they come and go.
  • Install cameras at all areas such as meeting rooms, lobbies, and pools, so you may help prevent petty theft.
  • Add fixed cameras to all those areas that contain valuable items such as artwork or safes to help prevent theft.
  • The hotel’s perimeter is just as important as the hotels interior. Monitoring your parking lots, common walking areas and dark remote areas will help secure your facility and building.