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Surveillance Systems

Everything you need to know about Surveillance Systems

So you are in the market for a surveillance system? There are many advantages to come with purchasing and integrating a surveillance system into your home, business, office, or even warehouse. First, there is usually a better overall price to purchasing a system, instead of building one. Sometimes this discounts are in the range of $100-200 dollars. Here at Security Camera, we like to push our customers more equipment, in doing so we can slash prices. We want to deal with our customers, so we will find room to give the best deal on the highest quality cameras and accessories. So this is the most unique thing and reason in owning a complete system versus having to build one from scratch over a period time, you will save money. The second reason is (well in our store) you can gain higher quality equipment. We want everyone to be able to enjoy purchasing good “quality” security cameras and a good security dvr. There are misconceptions in the security industry. Purchasing these kits are no means “low quality”. If you shop at Sam’s Club, BJ’s, and Costco, you can get a kit, however the quality of the surveillance equipment is not so great. It is due their ability “purchasing power”, it’s just not their competitive advantage. In contrast we purchase so much equipment that we can give a better price without sacrificing quality. We like to push equipment, so we do not take any short cuts, thus you just get a hi-definition set of cameras and video recording quality. Owning surveillance system is just the easiest solution when looking to integrate security into your home and or business.

Types of Surveillance Systems

Surveillance Systems FAQ

Learning More About Surveillance Systems

Why do I need a surveillance system?

Surveillance systems are now becoming a standard in this Information Age. Surveillance systems offer a real-time solution to any project or security application. In some settings these systems are crucial in helping businesses achieve true economies of scale. The information a surveillance system offers to managers, small business owners, or corporate officers aids them in making decisions daily. In residential applications they can help in a number of ways. Stay at home moms can manage their kids, watch for strange cars, keep an eye on repair men, etc. Surveillance systems now integrate with the Internet and you can watch your security cameras when you are away from home. Cell-phone technology is a perfect example of this, you can remotely connect into your iPhone, Blackberry, Android, pretty much any graphical user interphase cell-phone and see everything. So you see having a surveillance system can keep you informed, help you manage your most prized possessions, or if you are a business owner, watch your workers and operation.

What comes in surveillance system kits?

It varies, there are many different type of surveillance kits. Here at Security Camera, we offer base systems with four security cameras, a security dvr with 250 gig hard drive or more, cable, connectors, power adapters, power supply boxes, one-year warranty and life-time technical support. They are usually the best deals. We push more equipment, therefore we can deal with you and offer a great discount. All of the equipment is very high quality.
How much should I expect to pay for a complete surveillance system?

Again this really depends on who you are buying from. Usually you can purchase a 4 channel system for $399 to $999 dollars. The range solely depends on the resolution of cameras and quality of security dvr. We push hi-resolution cameras and good codec compression security dvrs. Our lowest system starts at $399, and it includes everything you need to setup. Best part it is a plug and play setup, takes less than a few hours to run your cable and connect all your adapters for power.

How To Integrate Surveillance Systems Into Your Home Or Business

What kind of surveillance system do I need for my home?

You can invest into a surveillance system that has a standalone security dvr included. Standalone dvrs are cheaper than PC based dvrs. Here at Security Camera, we have a variety of different standalone dvrs that we can sell. Since we purchase so many different models and quantity that we can give a really good deal on standalone dvrs. Other than that these are great units for residential environments because they are plug and play setups and have virtually zero maintenance.

How much work is required to setup a residential surveillance system?

Generally it takes a few hours or it could take a week. It really depends on how detailed and neat you want to be when installing your cameras and running cable. There are some challenges in running cable. Depending on your crawl space you might have to take more time in running your cable. But this is the hardest part. But it should be the most fun! After all it is electronics. You can find a local guy, who can run cable for you. After running cable you can just connect all your ends for your cameras and cable. After that just connect the power adapters and plug everything in to your surge protector and turn on your dvr. After getting all your options setup for your DVR you can enjoy the luxury of keeping an eye things.
Can I integrate my surveillance dvr into my home alarm system

Yes you can! Most all of our security dvrs have alarm inputs into the back of the dvr. Once your home alarm is tripped your cameras go to real-time recording (30 frames per second) and start recording video.

Cab I watch my system remotely from my laptop?

Yes you can! Majority of all security dvrs now have the ability to be plugged into the Internet. Assuming you have an IP (internet address i.e. address, you can ping your dvr’s remote client software and login and see your cameras live. This is great for business owners or residential home owners. This is so powerful for business owners, because they can gain key information on company operations, employees, inventory and for the dark hours; theft. You can do this all from a laptop, home computer or even your iphone.
Why do commercial businesses need a surveillance system?

Owning a surveillance system in any business setting is crucial. One of the main reasons for owning a commercial system is to gain more information about your operation. There are several areas of concern. For example, you would need this system to help you watch your inventory, slip-and-falls, employee production, theft, vandalism, shipping operations, and much more. You really can hone down on problems that occur, by being able to archive video over a course of time and then study the footage, so you know how to fix your problems. We see businesses all the time incorporating a surveillance system as a measure of power to achieve economies of scale in every category. If you have a small, medium, and or high commercial business, then invest into a surveillance system first. You will thank yourself later.