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Benefits of a Home Surveillance System

Crime is a common occurrence irrespective of where one lives. Therefore it is important to ensure that your home is safe for both you and your family. Having a home surveillance system is the first step into ensuring that your home is safe. The following are benefits of a home surveillance system. Increased security With […]

The New Age of Video Surveillance: Not Just Security Anymore

For many companies of various sizes and sophistication, this is the reality of video surveillance. But there may be a false sense of security behind all that hardware. Because when you think about it, how much can one person see or process? How much unusual, illegal or dangerous activity will slip by a single set […]

Where To Use Vandal Proof Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras are great way for you to protect your personal possessions and yourself. However many people do not know good, strategic places to set up their security cameras, which happens be one of, if not the most important part. Vandal proof surveillance cameras should be placed in areas out of reach, this is an […]

Difference between Outdoor and Indoor Security Cameras

There are a number of difference between outdoor and indoor security cameras . First and foremost as their names suggest there exists significant distinction on where they supposed to be mounted, the outdoor security camera should be placed outside the house or structure while the indoor camera is meant to be mounted inside the structure […]

How to Choose a Video Surveillance System

How to Choose a Video Surveillance System Video surveillance gear comes in a lot of different permutations. Here’s how to choose the solution that’s right for you. Do You Need More Than One Camera? Whether you choose a single or multiple camera surveillance solution depends on the size and layout of your space. If you […]

Farm Security Camera Solutions

Farm Security Camera Solutions are tailored to the needs of farms and ranches, including protecting buildings and equipment, monitoring livestock and water supplies, and securing gates and driveways. DETER THEFT & INTRUDERS – Ensure only authorized workers and suppliers gain access to your property and operations. PROTECT EQUIPMENT – Strategically placed surveillance equipment can give you […]