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Samsung Techwin introduces new WiseNetIII 2MP Full HD network vandal and extreme weather resistant dome camera

Samsung Techwin’s new WiseNetIII 2MP Full HD network vandal-resistant dome camera, the SNV-6084, is designed to work effectively in severe weather conditions as well as being resistant to physical attack. The SNV-6084, which is IK10 vandal resistant and weatherproof to IP66, can withstand high temperature variations of -50°C to +55°C, making it an ideal video […]

ISIS: New Video Camera Sees It All

360° surveillance video promises high-res detail, multiple views, and DVR features Traditional surveillance cameras can be of great assistance to law enforcement officers for a range of scenarios—canvassing a crowd for criminal activity during a Fourth of July celebration, searching for who left a suitcase bomb beneath a bench, or trying to pick out a […]

The New Age of Video Surveillance: Not Just Security Anymore

For many companies of various sizes and sophistication, this is the reality of video surveillance. But there may be a false sense of security behind all that hardware. Because when you think about it, how much can one person see or process? How much unusual, illegal or dangerous activity will slip by a single set […]

How Do Infrared Security Cameras Work ?

Infrared light is described as light that is invisible to the naked eye. It has a much longer wavelength that normal light and also a lower frequency as well. Infrared detects how much heat energy is emitting from a person or an object, since all things transfer some kind of infrared light as some point […]

Why Using Dummy Security Cameras As A Deterrent Does Not Work

Fake surveillance cameras are a popular alternative to real surveillance systems due to the significantly lower cost. The problem is that they are not as effective as real ones in deterring crime and vandalism. And in the case that a crime does occur, there is no way to collecting evidence to help in finding those […]

Difference between Outdoor and Indoor Security Cameras

There are a number of difference between outdoor and indoor security cameras . First and foremost as their names suggest there exists significant distinction on where they supposed to be mounted, the outdoor security camera should be placed outside the house or structure while the indoor camera is meant to be mounted inside the structure […]

How to choose a hidden camera

How to Choose a Hidden Camera Here’s what you need to know to select the perfect hidden camera for your needs. Form Factor Start by asking yourself what type of hidden camera fits best into the places you’ll be using it most. Choose cameras built into alarm clocks, smoke detectors, AC power adapters, coat hooks, […]