Medical Alert Alarms

The Emergency Medical Alert – Who Are They For?


Often when people consider getting an Emergency Medical Alert, they are thinking of only elderly loved ones who live alone or spend time alone. What many people don’t consider is that these are tools that can provide instant, safe access to emergency services for many different people and situations. A medical emergency alert can be life-saving and bring peace of mind to all the following groups of people:

  •  Anyone over 55. Once you reach a point where health changes are noticeable, and chances of emergency situations happen are higher, it is recommended that you get an emergency medical alert to increase the likelihood of fast, immediate assistance in life threatening situations.
  •  Anyone prone to falls, fainting spells, etc. People that are growing weaker or shakier, or that has a tendency to faint, cannot control where they fall. Even if they are in relatively good health, they may bump their head on the side of a table, or break a bone. If they are not able to get up from where they have fallen, they may spend hours or days in agony before anyone finds them. A medical emergency alarm can prevent any undue suffering for those with falling tendencies.
  •  Anyone living alone. Even if you have serious health and/or aging concerns or not, if you live alone you are prone to the same issues of facing an emergency situation without any assistance. Accidents happen, and a medical emergency alarm can make all the difference in getting someone to help you quickly and professionally.
  •  Physically disabled people. Often, unforeseen circumstances can crop up with those who use wheelchairs, walkers, canes, or have difficulty walking. If they happen to be alone, and an emergency situation occurs, they may not be able to make it to a phone. With an emergency medical alert, they can access a response center that knows their profile and can get them instant assistance if they need it.
  • Recuperation after surgery. No matter what the surgery, if there is a period of home recuperation, then every moment is critical to the total healing process. If anything happens, a bedridden person cannot help themselves. If no one is home, they may not be able to deal with the situation, and it may in fact make recuperation longer and more difficult. A medical emergency alarm means that other family members can continue with their tasks and jobs, and rest assured knowing emergency help is available if something should happen.

Other groups of individuals that should consider getting an emergency medical alert to increase their security and be reassured of emergency assistance include:

  • Anyone with poor motor and dexterity skills
  • Anyone suffering through an illness
  • People rehabilitating after an injury
  • Domestic violence victims
  • Mentally disabled people

If you are, or know anyone that falls into any of these categories, you should the many people who now have peace of mind both day and night, knowing that there is a dedicated and specialized team of professionals ready and alert 24/7 to provide you with any assistance you need in a medical emergency. Only an emergency medical alert can provide this comforting reassurance.

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