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The Ever-Changing Face of the CCTV Industry

It’s been said that the CCTV industry has changed more in the last couple years than in the past decade. The main reason for this is the invasion of new technology. This can mainly be viewed as the changes occurring within security DVRs (digital video recorders) and security cameras. It is estimated that the CCTV industry was at 1.3 billion in revenue growth in the early 2000s, and this number has skyrocketed over the past few years. With the rising demand for remote access, higher resolution, and stronger connectivity overall, the face of the CCTV industry will continue to change.

standalone security dvr

Let’s take a look at security DVRs. Back in the day, they were limited to what they could do for the end user. The storage was decent but not so great for secondary purposes. Also, if you were not at the place of business where your DVR was located, you were sure to miss something. Now you can pretty much have it all, thanks to a jump in technical advancements. Standalone DVRs now allow you to have real-time viewing and on-the-fly recording. Standalone DVRs are also a better choice for applications that do not require as much scalability, and they’re ultimately more cost-effective. A single standalone DVRs can allow remote viewing via any PC, Android device, or iPhone. Also, secondary storage can easily be covered with the addition of USB and DVD burners. Some dealers are even offering standalones with Mac clients that will allow you to use your Mac PC /products as well.

pc-built dvr system

PC-based DVRs are sometimes referred to as hybrid systems, as they allow you to utilize both analog cameras and IP cameras.  This is a big plus for an end user who is looking for a large system with lots of flexibility. NVRs are compared to DVRs because they are similar, but they support only IP cameras. Within all these systems, technology is also enhancing analytics. Analytics is the application of computer technology, operational research, and statistics to solve problems in business and industry. A practical definition, however, would be that analytics is the process of obtaining an optimal or realistic decision based on existing data.  Some examples of analytics include object detection, real-time alarm on missing objects, object tracking & zooming by PTZ cameras, and object counter.

cctv security camera

Security cameras can’t hide from the invasion of technology either. Analog cameras are experiencing a major transformation right before our eyes. With so many options for analog cameras these days, it really just comes down to which one has the best technology. Let take a look at the image processing chips (CCD, CMOS).  Some analog cameras come with the new Sony Effio technology on their CCD chips. “Effio” means enhanced features and fine image processor, and it is a Sony signal processor which realizes high resolution, high S/N ratio and high color reproduction for security cameras.  As for night vision technology, we no longer have to rely on LEDs, thanks to Sense-up technology.  The main purpose of Sense-up is to provide a camera technology that does not rely on artificial light to see in very low light conditions.  This means that cameras with Sense-up are capable of seeing in near total darkness while retaining full color images. Security cameras equipped with this technology use an adjustable electronic shutter to vary the amount of light that enters the camera. IP cameras can be used on a small scale as their own security network and come with their own recording software. Technology has now taken IP cameras to 5 megapixels and above.  And it is always a bonus to have a camera with two-way audio, a feature that many IP cameras now include by default.

In conclusion, technology is going take the CCTV industry to places never seen before and it will continue to change, thus making the CCTV world a recession-proof industry. So much excitement will continue to grow for integrators, installers, and of course, the end user.  I know that my anticipation has grown to see what is going to be the next wave of CCTV products and services. So sit back and keep your eyes open and adjusted to the ever-changing face of the CCTV industry.


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