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The Many Faces of Spy Video Cameras

spy video camera, also known as a nanny cam,  is essentially an ordinary video camera that is either designed in a way that makes it easy to conceal or disguised as another object, which allows you to hide the camera in plain sight.

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There are spy video cameras disguised as key chains, wristwatches, cell phones, eyeglasses, pens, cigarette lighters, shirts, buttons, clocks, radios, smoke detectors, air fresheners, flashlights and a whole host of other objects. Name an item, and chances are someone has figured out a way to integrate or hide a camera within it. Other times, a spy video camera is not disguised as anything; it is just very small and easy to conceal.

You can use a spy video camera for all kinds of applications, most often to catch people in the act of doing things they ought not to be doing. Law enforcement agents and journalists often use spy cameras for intelligence gathering. Among the general public, these cameras are used as tools for security, surveillance and simply capturing candid video. For example, a nanny cam is a popular type of spy video camera that parents often use to observe how a babysitter or au pair cares for their child in their absence. Children of aging and ill parents sometimes utilize spy cameras to secretly monitor how a home health aide, nurse or some other health care worker is looking after their mom or dad.

Companies sometimes use these cameras to monitor their employees. Homeowners occasionally use them to watch over their property. Kids, in age or in heart, sometimes use spy video cameras to secretly record practical jokes.

The intended use for the spy video camera frequently determines the type of spy camera you should purchase. Not all spy cameras function the same way. Some spy cameras have to be connected to an external recording device, either via a hidden cable wire or through a wireless transmission via a radio signal transmitted from the camera to a receiver that is hooked up to a network router or recording device. There are also standalone spy video cameras that record video directly to a Secure Digital (SD) memory card.

The technical features of different spy video cameras vary widely as well. Some cameras come with a built-in microphone for recording audio as well as video. Some are equipped with motion-sensor triggers or timed recording functionality. Some have integrated infrared technology for night-vision recording.

There are also differences in the video quality and resolution capability among the different brands and models of spy video cameras. The frames per second (FPS) rate of the camera determines how smooth the recorded video looks. The specific range or field of view covered by the camera also differs among the different spy video camera models. These are all factors that you should bear in mind when considering a spy camera purchase. In addition, there are also legal implications concerning the use of hidden cameras that you should take into account.

Just as a computer is not in and of itself illegal but the technology may be used to conduct illegal activity, a spy video camera is not illegal. However, the camera can be used in an unlawful manner. For instance, it is generally unlawful to place a spy video camera in an area, such as a bathroom, where a person has a reasonable expectation of privacy. In addition, state and federal wiretapping laws come into play if a spy video camera equipped with audio recording capabilities is used to record people without their knowledge. Refer to United States Code Title 18, Section 2512 for the federal code governing the use of these cameras. Before you buy one, review your state’s wiretapping statutes as well.

Whatever your reason for purchasing a spy video camera, the market is vast, and your chances of finding a reasonably priced spy camera that is perfectly suited to your needs are excellent.

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