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The myth of fake or dummy security cameras

You can afford to buy a security camera system. That’s a good starting point we think. The camera does not have to be cheap and it doesn’t have to be a fake security camera. There has been a trend lately, or higher searches on Google, and a lot of misinformation spreading around the net around using dummy cameras, and even using old iPhones to use for security cameras. While we applaud the do it yourself attitude of homeowners and businesses, we also want to be responsible. Although we are in the security and surveillance industry, we recognize that it is better for everyone if their possessions and homes are protected.


Let’s say that you do have a dummy security camera set-up, and someone isn’t deterred by that. Then what? To Whom do you complain? Security cameras do serve as a deterrent to crime, that has been established, but what happens in the event that a criminal goes through with an act of robbery? What do you do if a crime is committed on or around your property, and your cute little dummy camera didn’t catch anything? You are out of luck.

With the advent of network cameras and technology, the price of surveillance has dropped, and it has dropped drastically. For instance, we now have cameras that are well made with technology from trusted supplier Sony. These S3 line of cameras can be had for under $70.00. We also have wireless cameras that are ideal for children’s rooms, or can be used as baby monitors and have 2-way audio, with 1 megapixel and better, for around $130.00. The cameras can be mounted to the ceiling, or simply rest near a child’s playpen or bed. We have security camera systems that can be custom designed for exactly what you need. There is no reason to rely on cheap technology, fake cameras or fake signs. If you only need one camera, we can do that. Cameras can be connected to an existing lap-top or desktop for monitoring or storage, or we can set it up with a storage device. We can even put together a small system that includes everything you need for a more ‘hands off’ system.

Again, we are in the security and surveillance industry, this Is what we do; so in that sense, we rely on customers buying security cameras. We are also part of a community, and we worry about the members of that community. It does no one any good if we have a service that people really do need, and the public isn’t informed about their options. We would not be in this industry if it didn’t help people. We’ve been serving the Dallas and greater DFW security camera consumer area for over 5 years, and although we are an E-commerce company that has clients around the world, we are focused on how we can help locally. Please contact our team of experts (we really know our information here) for free consultations or advice.

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