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Three tips for effective school security

Keeping a school safe is an important task for all administrators. Along with a surveillance system, there are three easy ways that law enforcement officials and school administrators can work together to create a comprehensive safety plan, according to Hendon Media Group.


Understand the campus
As many of the largest security threats are posed by people and specific sectors within the campus, conducting an assessment of the entire area will help reveal which areas are high-risk and what preventive measures can be taken. Making a map of what security tactics each location in the school requires can help administrators build specific emergency response plans. Schools with sports facilities, playgrounds, multiple buildings and temporary classrooms will all pose different security risks, and must be considered accordingly.

Evaluate the surrounding area
Depending on where the school is located, it may require different regional security considerations. While schools in big cities could be affected by terrorist attacks, those located in more rural areas may need to be prepared for a tornado. Administrators should also research the proximity the school has to emergency response resources, including paramedics, the fire department, a trauma hospital or police stations, so they can understand how long it will realistically take to receive professional assistance in the event of an incident or emergency.

Capitalize on technology
As advances are continually made in technology, there are more resources available to help keep schools safe. To stay connected with law enforcement officials, many school administrators choose to install their video surveillance equipment so it can be shared over computer networks. If an incident occurs and administrators call for help, law enforcement officials can log into this network and gain critical information on what is going on in the school. Having this option can help officials understand the nature and severity of a situation and figure out the best intervention strategy without putting any more people in danger.