Many people turn to local installation companies for assistance with installing a security system; however, consumers can save money by buying and self-installing security systems. An excellent choice for homeowners is a bullet camera which is a bullet-shaped cylindrical camera that is easy to mount and install. Bullet cameras are normally weatherproof and feature vandal-proof housings. There are a number of important factors to consider when shopping for a bullet camera, including the quality of the lens and the number of lines of resolution displayed on the television. Of special importance is the lux level of the camera, which indicates the camera’s ability to work in low light conditions. The lower the lux level, the better the night vision. By reviewing the top 10 bullet surveillance security systems, shoppers can find the right camera to suit their security needs.
1. D-Link DCS-7110
D-Link DCS-7110
Hardware Info describes the appearance of the  D-Link DCS-7100 as “compact and modest.” It is equipped with a 0.25 inch Megapixel CMOS sensor and 4 mm F1.5 fixed focus lens. The camera takes HD footage in both dark and light conditions. It contains built in LEDs for night time monitoring and a mechanical ICR filter to protect the lens from the sun, giving crisp color video during the daytime and detailed grayscale video in low light conditions.
The camera supports different media streaming options, including H.264 for extended recording in low bandwidth networks, and MJPEG for good file integrity and high quality recording, important for situations with extensive image detail. The DCS-7110 is designed for outdoor use and has IP66 certified housing to protect it from the elements. The electronic tamper detection responds with an alarm when the system is tampered with or being vandalized. Finally, the D-View Cam software contains a variety of user features such as recording schedules, motion direction, the ability to record to a hard drive, and the option to upload a floor plan to create a layout of the premises.

2 . Toshiba IK-WB70A
Toshiba IK-WB70A
The  Toshiba IK-WB70A IP network bullet camera features an extra wide dynamic range CMOS sensor, producing high quality images in all lighting conditions. It has advanced day/night capabilities and night coverage of up to 50 feet. The camera is protected by an IP66-rated housing, shielding the electronics from dust and water, and the consumer can rely on its toughness. The camera captures at 30 frames per second at a resolution of 640×480 pixels, making for quality vision which is important for security. Finally, the IK-WB70A has a lens range of 3.3 to 12 mm, which results in a sharp focus and a wide field of vision. In other words, it has a versatile filming range.

3. D-Link DCS-7010L Mini Bullet
D-Link DCS-7010L Mini Bullet
The  D-Link DCS-7010L Mini Bullet is a smaller sized camera ideal for areas with less room. Even though it is a smaller camera, it still produces excellent quality snapshots and video, with resolutions up to 720p HD. The ePTZ feature allows the user to zoom in, zoom out, and pan across the camera’s video to survey a large area. Built in to the camera is an infrared cut removable filter, which blocks out infrared light during the day but is removed at night for low-light surveillance. The camera is outdoor-ready in an IP66-rated weather casing. The IR LED illuminator allows for 10 meter viewing range, meaning the camera can monitor an area in complete darkness.

4. ZMODO CM-S38901SV
The  Zmodo CM-S38901SV uses 0.33-inch Sony Effio Color CCD imaging, which delivers high quality video at 650 TV lines of resolution. Effio, Enhanced Features and Fine Image Processor, ensures a high resolution, high S/N ratio, and high color reproduction image. Image quality is paramount when it comes to security and the Effio range provides clearer pictures with higher sensitivity compared to conventional CCTV cameras. The camera is designed for both indoor and outdoor use and is easy to mount and install. The night vision has a capability of filming up to 100 meters or 330 feet and is good for businesses and street filming. Finally, the camera is weatherproof.

5. Q-See QD6005B
Q-See QD6005B
The  Q-See D6005B uses Sony HAD CCD II image sensor technology and an Effio-E digital signal processor to deliver sharp images with high color reproduction in low light conditions. The QD6005B uses 42 infrared LEDs to film up to 36 meters of night vision range. The end result is 600 TV lines of resolution. Backlight compensation enhances the detail of dark objects within a wide range and filters bright spots such as reflections or car headlights. The camera uses premium automatic color and temperature adjustment to deliver clear and accurate pictures. The camera is fully weatherproof and is ideal for outdoor use.

6. Clover RD635
Clover RD635
The  Clover RD635 is an excellent moderately-priced bullet camera option. The 24 infrared LEDs provide a light that is invisible to the human eye but illuminates up to 40 feet in total darkness. The CDS sensor turns on the LEDs in darkness to illuminate darker environments. The camera uses an infrared cut filter to slide an IR filter in front of the lens to filter infrared light during the day, which improves the overall quality of the video capture. The camera has a 500 TV line resolution with a 0.25-inch CCD color image sensor. An adjustable visor protects the lens, reducing sun glare. Installation is easy.

7. MaceView SQ MVC-IRVB-49
MaceView SQ MVC-IRVB-49
The  MaceView SQ MVC-IRVB-49 has an infrared switching capacity that films color images by day and black-and-white images under low light conditions, meaning the owner can feel safe with 24 hour security, even in complete darkness. The video is filmed at 480 TV lines of resolution. The lens is varifocal, ranging from 4 to 9 mm, and is easily adjustable. The camera has a range of up to 20 meters with night-vision. The bracket is adjustable for wall or ceiling mounting. The camera is designed with a weatherized, vandal-resistant housing, ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

8. Speco CVC-627
Speco CVC-627
The  Speco CVC-627 is a waterproof, color day/night camera, including 12 built-in LEDs. The camera is constructed in a durable and waterproof aluminum housing which means the camera can operate even while submerged in water. The horizontal resolution is 420 TV lines, and the lux level is 0.1 and 0 with LEDs, with night vision of up to 45 feet. The system includes 60 feet of connecting cable, so the user can install the camera over a wide area. Bullet Camera Reviews describes the CVC-627 as “great for any outdoor application.”

9. Security Labs SLW164 Wireless Weatherproof IP Camera with IR
SLW164 Wireless
Users can safely link the  Security Labs SLW164 Wireless Weatherproof IP Camera to a standard Web browser or any mobile device. Furthermore, users can record locally from the camera to a PC and can preprogram a recording time or use motion detection technology, including sending images via email. The camera shoots at a lower resolution and has an illumination level of 1 lux, which means it should be used indoors or during daylight hours.

10. Lorex SG610 Simulated
Lorex SG610
The  Lorex SG610 simulated indoor/outdoor bullet camera is an excellent option for the budget conscious consumer. The simulated security camera is easily mountable indoors or outdoors to deter possible thieves or intruders. Constructed of metal, with imitation lens and imitation infrared LEDs, the product appears real. The camera is useful as a stand alone product or can be added to other real bullet cameras to give the appearance of increased security coverage.

When it comes to protecting a home or business, owners should put safety first and bullet cameras are an excellent way to do so. The extra set of eyes, at night or during the day, in snow or in sunshine, is useful for monitoring, and the assurance of having a visual record, if needed, is comforting. Also, the presence of the camera along may be enough to act as a deterrent for a criminal. After ascertaining which bullet camera is most suitable, the consumer can purchase the camera on eBay by entering key words, reviewing the products, and investigating the sellers. By following this process, consumers can enjoy the confidence of knowing they are doing their utmost to protect their premises.

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