LED (light emitting diode) security monitors offer a number of advantages over LCD (liquid crystal display) monitors. We’ve compiled a compelling list of benefits to consider making the switch to LED technology.

1. Slim Design

LED backlighting allows for a slim, sleek design. LED monitors are much thinner and lighter than LCD monitors because LED monitors do not use fluorescent bulbs. And, since LED monitors are not as bulky as LCDs, they take up less space.

2. Brighter Images

LED security monitors feature impressive contrast ratios that deliver a brighter picture than conventional LCD technology with brilliant image quality. Contrast is enhanced, colors are richer and black has more depth.

3. Better Color

LED monitors feature more intensity gradation and a larger light wavelength than LCD monitors, delivering true, lifelike colors with better gradation.

4. Flicker-Free Images

LED monitors produce virtually flicker-free images, reducing eye strain, eye fatigue and headaches.

5. Better Picture Quality

LED monitors not only have more color intensity than LCD monitors, and do not produce motion blur. Many LCD monitors can produce motion blurring which is when an image momentarily blurs during scenes with intense motion on-screen. Also, with LED lighting technology, light will not escape as it does with LCD technology, so the quality of the image is not affected and the picture will remain crisp and clear.

6. Longer Lifespan

LCD monitors contain fluorescent bulbs which have a relatively short lifespan with continuous use and can dim over time. LED monitors offer more hours of operation than a traditional LCD display with very little reduction in power output over time. LED displays have a much longer lifespan.

7. Lower Power Consumption

LED monitors are very environmentally-friendly and engineered for low power consumption. In fact, an LED monitor can consume 30-50% less power than a conventional LCD monitor. And, unlike LCD displays, LED-lit displays also contain no halogen or mercury which makes recycling them safer for the environment.

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