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Types of IP Cameras

An IP camera are also known as network camera , utilizes the Internet protocol network connection where by the camera and the computer is combined through a single unit to aid in the transfer of the captured video through an IP network consisting of network switches and hubs to be eventually recorded inside a PC server that has video management software. This camera can at the same time be regarded as a standalone device that acts as a surveillance unit and which can be monitored as well as to be controlled through the use of standard protocols such as the FTP,HTTP as well as SMTP and without the use of a computer.


Footage can eventually be accessed through the web browser on a PC. There exists numerous types of IP cameras such as the fixed , Wireless , Dome as well as the Indoor IP cameras and outdoor IP cameras to PTZ IP camera. Furthermore the IP cameras types can be classified depending on different factors. They can be classified regarding how the camera lens and how the image processing unit is constructed whereby there exist the:

1. Integrated IP camera: Here the image capture unit is integrated as the image processing unit therefore they only have a single lens that only supports the a single channel.
2. Video server IP camera: such cameras consists of the image processing unit, the transfer unit, the networking module but without the video capture therefore supports a multi video input channels from 2 to 4 up to 32 channels.

In addition the cameras can be classified by how the video capture unit is linked to the video server to which they can be classified as: 1 Corded Camera: These cameras are practically linked and connected by the cord and are known to give a good quality of the image and the video. Furthermore, the other types of IP cameras can be classified on how they are connected to the Internet, which
can either be:
1 Wired camera: this is a camera that is linked with the Internet using the UTP data cable such as through the use of CAT 5, it is a more reliable and a fast connection of data.
2.Wireless Camera: Such cameras are linked to the Internet through the wifi or blue tooth or other wireless connecting methods.

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