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Types Of Surveillance Cameras: IP, HD, Analog


Ensuring that you choose the right surveillance cameras will go a long way in making sure that your premises are secured well. There are many types of such cameras hence it is important for you to get a professional opinion before you settle on one. Surveillance cameras normally differ in terms of technologies used on them. The quality of video output also plays a great role in differentiating the different types of cameras. Among the most popular types of surveillance cameras include:

IP Surveillance Cameras
These surveillance cameras are also known as Network Cameras. This are those surveillance cameras that come with the ability of transmitting images via the internet . They normally do this by compressing bandwidth to reduce strain on the web. These cameras are much easier to install as compared to analog surveillance cameras as they do not need power boost or even a separate cable run to transmit images. These come in two variants. These are the wireless and the wired. They have the ability to transmit images over the internet mostly in compressed form. They are easily installed than their analog counterparts because the necessity for cable run or power boost for long distance transmission is eliminated. IP cameras are the newest and most advanced surveillance cameras in the market. Although both analogue and IP surveillance cameras serve the same purpose, that of transmitting signals, IP cameras are can use hubs, switches and routers that lets them have an expanded range. With the IP based cameras, the network is safe from interference. In addition, the cameras have built-in encryption to ensure security of signals during transmission.

HD Surveillance Cameras
HD cameras are the most preferred types for various niche markets that include large retailers. They provide operators with the ability to zoom in on images with clarity that cannot be obtained using other surveillance cameras. This type of surveillance camera came as a replacement to the older analog cameras that were tube-based. These cameras also have the ability of transmitting images over HD CCTV. HD cameras are simply cameras with higher resolutions or high definition. Compared to the traditional analogue CCTV cameras, the HD cameras are able provide more details and have a wider coverage. This makes them perfect cameras to be used as surveillance cameras. The HD cameras provide a resolution at least 3 times better than that of an analogue CCTV video camera. When choosing a surveillance camera, the camera resolution should be an important factor to consider. Cameras with higher resolutions will provide clear signals.

Analog Surveillance Cameras
These are surveillance cameras that come with the ability of working with video capture cards. These are the most common surveillance cameras probably due to the fact that they are cheaper as compared to the surveillance cameras as mentioned above. They involve the use of cables, both for power and video output. These cameras are also considered to be hard to install hence the fact that many people are shifting from using them and embracing more technologically enhanced surveillance cameras. You would need to hire an expert to install such surveillance camera for you. Analogue cameras are the oldest of surveillance cameras. The only benefits of having analogue cameras are that they are low cost cameras. The cost of acquisition and installation are low as compared to those of IP and HD cameras.  In addition, the analogue cameras are easy to install since they have a superior compatibility. If you have existing cameras, it is easier to add other analogue cameras.