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Understanding Dummy Outdoor Security Camera

Are you interested in purchasing a dummy outdoor security camera? If your answer is a resounding yes, then it is very significant for you to understand this device clearly. This is actually a dummy outdoor camera which is just a fake security camera. Most lawbreakers are smart they know exactly what points to consider when looking for a fake security camera. To prevent this to happen, it is very essential to look for the dummy outdoor camera that look and function like the real one.

The first thing to do when buying this device is to compare the dummy outdoor security camera to a normal security camera. Know the similar features like wires and buttons that are available in the genuine one. Try to test these dummy in the way that it will be placed on perfect spot wherein you will be the judge to determine the ideal features.

A good dummy outdoor security camera must be weather proofed, meaning to say they should be durable and can withstand any type of weather. Most genuine outdoor security camera has its protective sticker, so if you are choosing a dummy outdoor security camera make sure that it has a protection sticker too.

Cables or cords are significant features of an outdoor security camera, so that it can send signal successfully. Again, if you have a dummy outdoor security camera it should have the same look as well just like the normal ones. The cords and wires must also be waterproof so that the criminal will not think that it is fake one.

Real outdoor camera usually contain metal, aside from being waterproof it also adds a certain weight. When you have a dummy outdoor security camera they are lighter because it is usually plastic with a little coating of metal.

Always find a dummy outdoor security camera with a noticeable LED running light. Usually these lights are typically battery powered devices. Real security cameras do have motion detector that lights online when there’s a movement within the vicinity and when there is no movement in the area, the light will automatically turn off. That is why try to look for a dummy outdoor security camera with the above mentioned functions.

Always check the metal ring or lens holder because it is the one that assist the lens to be attached into the camera. Some genuine cameras do contain about this information, some manufacturer have its symbol or name printed on the holder of the lens. Make sure to choose a dummy outdoor security camera with these characteristics.

Finally, make sure to check the materials used for the lens. Generally, real outdoor security camera has a lens material that is made of a glass. This is to assure that the images can be recorder clearly. Do not choose a dummy outdoor security camera with a lens that is made of plastic because it can surely give a hint to the criminals. The best thing about dummy outdoor security is for being affordable, it is best to choose the best one in the market to give you protection and safety.