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If you are the director of security at your university, then you are in for a task. Don’t worry though it is very simple to blue-print and get ready for. There are a number of things that you need in order to effectively manage your security around the campus. From parking garages to the library and even the student union, you need an effective cable and IP solution to feed back to your security digital video recorder setup to effectively manage all the security cameras. Our PC based security dvr, has one of the most effective and user-friendly interface to manipulate all the settings you need to meet the security needs from the campus and each zone of security. If you are in the beginning stages of developing a CCTV system, you need to make sure you look into an IP solution, running cable to a central location is going to be difficult if not impossible. Unless you plan on having multiple DVRs, you could network all the dvrs to one client software setup and still have all your security cameras directly connect to each PC dvr via BNC connection. This is the preferred setup, however it can be a little more costly. If you have additional questions give our toll free number a call and speak with a CCTV consultant today.

Ethernet Ports Are Much Easier Than Running RG59 Cable


We know that university campuses are big, so running cable from building to building is out of the question. Really the entire setup will all come down to what you need to do. Some buildings will have their own digital video recorders, but running cable inside the building is also a difficult task. Having a wired solution is the dream solution, but runs over 500 feet is just not possible. We do sell video baluns, which help re-strengthen video signal up to 1500 feet. However, if you have the necessary band-width, you can have H.264 dome cameras, bullet cameras, and or c-mount cameras that can connect to an Ethernet jack and or POE switch and assign each camera an IP address (i.e. 123.14.234) and integrate it in our dvr software and see all the cameras from one client at real-time recording. This is really the best way to setup security cameras without all the complex cabling.