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Vandal Proof Cameras and Accessories

Vandal proof cameras are rough and tough cameras that are designed to withstand harsh weather and mishandling. They are weatherproof which means that they can resist rain, wind, and moisture. Vandal proof dome cameras also come with shock-resistant dome and aluminum body that absorbs vibrations. Vandal-proof cameras are suitable for office and residential buildings, parking areas, theatres, stadiums, museums, shopping malls, airport terminals, etc.

If you are looking for vandal proof cameras and accessories you are at the right place. These cameras are also backed by one year warranty. Vandal proof cameras are specially designed for areas that are prone to crime, abuse, vandalism, etc. They are manufactured after careful research and go through rigorous inspection processes that validate their effectiveness. Your safety and security is a top priority which is why you need to have the most advanced vandal proof cameras and accessories.

Vandal proof cameras come with advanced video features that allow them to function even after rough treatment and in extreme conditions that may easily disable a conventional camera. They are covered with a break-proof glass shield and are made from a solid material that protects the cameras from willful or malicious defaces.  Vandal proof cameras are suitable for wide range of application areas and can be installed anywhere as they can easily resist extreme weather conditions and misuse due to their hard shell vandal proof casing.

These vandal proof cameras and accessories are best for all kinds of surveillance and security issues due to their compact design and rugged bodies. They produce crystal clear images even when exposed to extreme temperature fluctuations or other harsh environments. These cameras are ideally suited for the security of the public places. Take a look at features of some vandal proof cameras:

Vandal Proof 480 Lines High Resolution Sony CCD Infrared Day and Night Weatherproof CCTV Security Cameras 

  • 480 lines SONY CCD that deliver excellent picture quality in any kind of environment
  • Durable anodized aluminum body with sun shield that protect the camera against cracking or denting
  • Built-in image enhancer for generating ultra clear picture in any kind of lighting conditions
  • Adjustable bracket for wall and ceiling mounting that help to accommodate a variety of angles
  • 20 IR L.E.D infrared for night vision and 3.6 mm lens for large coverage

Vandal Proof 480 Lines High Resolution Sony CCD Vari-focal Infrared Day and Night Weatherproof CCTV Security Camera

  • 480 lines SONY CCD with excellent imaging in tough environment
  • 19 IR L.E.D infrared for night vision providing coverage up to 60 ft. range
  • Vandal proof case and durable anodized aluminum housing with sun shield for protection against harsh environmental conditions
  • Adjustable wall or ceiling mounting that help in viewing from various angels
  • Built-in Image Enhancer for ultra clear picture even in zero light
  • Rain and fog resistant glass coating for protection against extreme weather conditions
  • ADVANCED Digital Signal Processor (DSP) for image control