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Video Surveillance Systems for Your Home

Video surveillance cameras connect homeowners with their properties, homes and families in a way no other home security device can. Strategically placed security cameras inside, outside, and even around the perimeters of your property put homeowners in control, allowing them to see what they otherwise could not, whether because they’re away from home, or because they’re in another part of the home. Video surveillance systems help prevent crimes—their mere presence is a deterrent—and they can provide valuable evidence needed to prove a crime and convict a criminal. They can also secure a home in terms of making sure family members are safe, the dogs are in the yard, or an expected delivery arrived on the doorstep. Video surveillance security allows a connection with one’s home and family as well as the protection against intruders.

Top 10 Highest Rated Video Surveillance Systems

1. Uniden Weather Proof Video Surveillance Camera (GC45)
Uniden makes one of the most highly rated outdoor video surveillance systems with the GC45 model, which has weather proof night vision, video transmission range of up to 500 feet, and an easy DIY setup.

2. Sharx Security SCNC3606 Cat5 PoE Wired Weatherproof Outdoor MPEG4 IP Network Camera
Among other impressive features, this camera features high resolution, a built-in DVR that can record 2 whole days (or more with expanded MicroSC card storage), and internet streaming capabilities.

3. Agasio A502W Wireless IP Camera with IR-Cut Off Filter
Agasio is a well-known brand in the security technology industry, and offers this surveillance system that features the newest Auto-Iris (or Auto-Brightness) technology which automatically adjusts the lens according to lighting conditions. Can integrate with traditional alarm systems.

4. VideoSecu 700TVL IR Outdoor Security Camera Built-in 1/3″ SONY Effio CCD Weatherproof
This surveillance system is able to hide away discreetly due to it’s understated design, and features built-in f 3.6mm lens for wide view and built-in 28 IR illuminators for night vision.

5. Zmodo CM-S38901SV Security Surveillance Camera
Zmodo is another established company that specializes in high quality surveillance systems and security products, and offer this sleekly designed surveillance system that has a 330′ super long IR night vision, Sony Color CCD Image Sensor, and super weather resistant body.

6. GW Security Professional 1/3-Inch Sony Effio CCD 700TVL Outdoor Security Camera
This surveillance system is a more affordable option that doesn’t sacrifice quality and functionality, with consistently clear picture during both day and night and great field of view.

7. Loftek® Naja-6h 1/3″ HDIS CCD 600tvl Bullet Cctv Camera
One of the best in the Loftek line of surveillance cameras is this model. This camera features slightly different technical elements than other models by other makers, which makes a noticeable difference picture and playback, such as the use of four LED chips for better lighting, bold exterior appearance, and Super Wide Color Temperature Adaption.

8. Samsung SDC-5340BC Weatherproof Night Vision Camera
The Samsung brand may be known for smartphones, but most people will be very impressed with their line of surveillance systems as well. This model is one of their best, featuring great weather resistant, night vision up to 82ft, and crisp images with a 600TV lines resolution. The exterior is also very attractively designed, which is no surprise coming from Samsung.

9. TriVision Bullet IP66-rated Waterproof IP Camera POE Outdoor
The TriVision Bullet is a surveillance system built for those who want the best and most advanced features for their security needs. This model packs a multitude of high-end technical features, including but not limited to Hi-Resolution Wireless IP Security Camera with excellent infrared night vision via 12 infrared high power LEDs, built-in DVR to record 4 days (or more with expandable Micro SDHC card slot), and weatherproof IP camera with dedicated free iPhone/iPad and Android Apps.

10. Swann SWPRO-780CAM-US Pro-780 Ultimate Optical Zoom Camera
This Swann video surveillance camera is yet another highly-rated, highly recommended option for your home security solution since it has both the advanced features you expect from your video surveillance system, yet it is easy to use. It easily mounts to walls with cable threaded through the bracket for added protection, and it can also be plugged directly into your DVR for recording or into your TV’s yellow video-in socket for immediate surveillance.

What are the Benefits of a Video Surveillance System?

The best thing about a home video surveillance system is the extra sets of eyes. How many times has someone left home and realized twenty minutes later that the thermostat wasn’t turned off or that the front door was unlocked? Perhaps the nanny is new and the ability to check in would be invaluable. Each family’s individual needs will dictate unique benefits.

  • 24/7 surveillance capabilities everywhere a camera is installed
  • Recording feature keeps a log of past events
  • “See” other areas of the house or areas outside from anywhere
  • “Watch” for kids to arrive home from school
  • Check in on elderly relatives’ safety
  • Monitor pets’ activity
  • See who’s outside the door

How Does Video Surveillance Security Work?

A surveillance security system will typically consist of several cameras connected—either hardwired or wireless— to a digital video recorder (DVR), which records the images and displays them on a monitor. The monitor may be a closed circuit television, which can be monitored from the home, or the DVR can send the images to a web-enabled device such as a computer, tablet or smartphone, where they can be watched live or upon demand.

Video Surveillance Features

While there are many bells and whistles available for home video surveillance systems, the individual mandates of home and family members make choosing relatively simple. The size of a property, the age of family members, and even the safety of a neighborhood are a few things to consider. A few worthwhile features are listed below:

  • Motion detectors
  • Night vision
  • Recording capability
  • High resolution photography for clearer viewing
  • Microphones and/or speakers
  • Weather and/or vandal proof cameras
  • Remote alerts
  • Expandable to accept additional cameras to the system

Who is Video Surveillance for?

Both the ability of day-to-day connections to home and family, and the stepped up protection from intruders, a video surveillance system is an invaluable part of any home security system. So, who should consider this extra set of eyes?

  • Homeowners looking for a 24/7 visual connection to home and family
  • Anyone who is away from home all day or travels frequently
  • Families with several people coming and going often—gardeners, housekeepers, babysitters
  • Families with elderly members, infants, or small children and pets who may need monitoring from different parts of the home
  • Homeowners who want the added security and peace of mind that come with video surveillance