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Video Tutorial : How to Install a Screw-On Connector to Siamese Cable

nstalling a Screw-On BNC Connector to a Siamese Cable – How To

Today, we are going to demonstrate how to apply or put on a BNC screw-on connector on the Siamese Cable. The only tool that you really need is a pair of small dykes. First, take your screw-on BNC connector and measure it against the cable. This lower part is about the size that you will normally need to cut off. Once you’ve got your size measured, slowly work your way around the cable to cut through the first layer of the cable, which is usually your outer cover. At that point, this cover starts to come off. You slowly need to work your way through it, until it comes completely off.

At this point, you’ve already taken off the outer shell. That leaves you the inner shell and the shield. Take your dykes again, go up a little bit above it. Work your way slowly around that to where it will come off and expose the inner core. Make sure you pull off all this shielding away from the inner core – you don’t want these two to touch.

Once you have those separated, pull the shielding all the way back. Slowly put the exposed core wire into the middle of this, and you slowly start working your way down. Keep turning it until you feel enough resistance, and check to make sure your middle core has come up through the middle there. You’ll see it inside. You have no exposed wiring here at the back. It’s a nice solid fit. And, that’s how you do a simple screw-on BNC connector onto a Siamese Cable.