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Voltage & Amperage Guide for your CCTV Cameras

If the proper power is not supplied to your CCTV equipment, it can cause it to lose signal or in some cases cause your camera(s) to fry!  Two essential things to consider include Voltage and Amperage (you also want to keep in mind loss of power like Voltage Drop, which can be calculated here).

That said, we wanted to share with you a quick reference guide and overview regarding the voltage and amperage that powers your CCTV security cameras.  Keep in mind, this is a beginner reference guide and does not take into account everything involved with CCTV camera power supply.

Most of the below data concerning voltage and amperage can be considered for 99% of systems.  Cameras will usually use either a 24VAC or 12VDC current.

Voltage & Amperage CCTV Guide Infographic -

Basic voltage & amperage reference guide for proper power supply to your CCTV equipment

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