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Waterproof Watch Camera


The best part about this waterproof watch is just that: It looks like a normal watch. The sides have dials and knobs as you would see on most watches. It is a functional watch, showing the time and the date as well, but hidden underneath the watch face is a high-resolution camera that records at a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. Video is shot at 30 frames per second (FPS), which is standard for these types of cameras. Any higher and you will be getting into high-end video recorders. Since the lens is hidden underneath the face of the waterproof watch, it too takes part in the waterproof feature. This hidden camera can literally record video in any situation you might find yourself, including under water.

With the push of a button, you can begin recording any video you want with audio accompanying it. With the switch of that same button, you can change the mode to take still pictures. If you want to take this one step further, the watch can record just audio. This type of recording is useful for saving battery life, particularly for those times when you only need to record a conversation between people.

This hidden camera will record high-definition, professional-grade evidence in any situation or environment. Images are recorded in a JPG format and videos in AVI. Even in low light you will get a clear picture, so if you’re looking for a guilty party, they will be easy to see. This tiny pinhole camera captures color video on the go and records up to two hours of continuous footage on a single charge.

Sometimes setting the timer on a hidden camera can take time when you don’t have it. Luckily, this little waterproof watch has a motion-activation mode, giving you the freedom to place the watch on a nightstand or dresser and let the camera do its work. One great thing we like about this feature is when it’s activated, this recording mode saves memory and battery life, allowing you to use the watch longer than you could if it were always on. Once the motion has ceased for several minutes, the watch will automatically go back into its energy saving mode.


This hidden camera comes with a lens focal length of 4 mm. The focal length on most hidden cameras sits around 5-6 mm, and while the shorter length here may seem like a setback, fear not. Having a smaller focal length will give the camera a wider view of the area. And because the camera covers more area, you can view more details later on. The field of view for this watch is 90 degrees, which means if you place this hidden camera in the corner of the room, it will cover the entirety of the room.

Among all the hidden cameras on the market, this one is the most exciting. It’s a watch, plain and simple, but it’s your tool for spying on others around you. The camera is compact and discreet. Because of its design, it will fool anyone and allow you to record any audio or video and take pictures from a distance.

Setting up surveillance at home or on the go requires the least amount of equipment possible, especially if you want to be covert. This waterproof watch is perfectly secretive. With a built in DVR, you don’t have to worry about extra RCA cables or other recording paraphernalia that you have to carry or hide.

Additional Features: 


Having any electronic device function properly is all anyone wants out of it. With hidden cameras, this means stability, reliability and knowing your images, videos or audio will be ready to review when you need them. The waterproof watch is equipped with a battery life that allows for two hours of continuous recording, but the life of the battery increases drastically if you only use the camera sporadically throughout the day. You can get as much as 8-10 hours of use out of this tiny hidden camera if not used continuously. If you need to charge it, the watch comes with a power charger and a USB cable to plug it into your computer.

This waterproof watch comes with an internal memory unit that stores up to 4GB of footage. This isn’t a huge amount of storage, and if you are planning to be a full-time spy, you may need something with more internal memory. That being said, 4GB will give a recreational user plenty of space to record video or audio. The camera takes 1.3-megapixel images, and you can store several thousand still photos on the watch.

Each photo and video is time stamped for your convenience. This is helpful not only when you’re trying to determine when a crime might have been committed, but also when you’re flipping through your files, as they will be arranged according to date.

Help & Support: 


This hidden camera is backed by Brickhouse Security, one of the most reliably consistent security companies out there. All their items come with a 90-day warranty that covers anything that might go wrong with their products. If you need help, you can call them or shoot them an email, but what really set this site apart is their live chat option. You can talk to an agent online without using the minutes on your phone.

You can check out their FAQs section if your question is a bit more common. Brickhouse also has a blog, which has huge amounts of useful information and is updated several times a month. The blog offers articles on topics ranging from knowing what your kids are doing on their phone to protecting your home and identity. This blog, mingled with the support staff and FAQs, can help you with any problems you may run into with this covert camera.


When you’re looking for a covert hidden camera that won’t give anyone any reason to be suspicious, theWaterproof Watch from Brickhouse is nearly perfect. Its endless array of features allows this hidden camera to blend seamlessly into any situation. You’ll get quality video recording, still-photo capability and a microphone for recording audio files. We would like to see this watch offer a scheduled recording option, but since it has the added benefit of motion detection, this hidden camera will serve any of your stealthy needs.

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