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What Are the Best Security Companies in Pennsylvania?


The Quaker State or the Keystone State is what Pennsylvania is often referred to. Yes, this state is so great it has two nicknames. There are many things you’ll want to do while in Pennsylvania including a walk through the Allegheny Forests, perusing the Hershey chocolate factory, touring historic Philadelphia and Gettysburg, and visiting the birthplace of the U.S. Marine Corps. Don’t forget about Scranton though, the electric city. Scranton is home to one of the best television shows of all time, “The Office”. The list of fun and exciting things to do in Pennsylvania goes on and on, but it’s time to get down to business. Your chances of becoming a victim of property crime in Pennsylvania are 1 in 45. No one likes those odds. Let’s take a deeper look at security companies in PA.

Pennsylvania Crime Statistics

  • Population in PA: 12,742,886
  • Total Property Crimes in PA: 283,179
  • Chances of Becoming a Victim of Property Crime in PA: 1 in 45 (National Median 29.1)
  • Number of Burglaries and Thefts in PA: 283,179
  • Crimes per Square Mile: 62 (National Median 39.6)1

Tips To Making Your Garage More Secure

Many times we forget that the garage is part of our home too. And there are lots of garages in Pennsylvania due to all the cold and snowy weather. We should do our best to keep it secure and safe as well. Here are some garage safety tips:

  • Frost the garage windows so potential intruders can’t look in to see if your car is gone or what other goodies you may have inside
  • Don’t keep valuables in the garage
  • Keep your garage door closed and locked at all times
  • Install a security system and put sensors on your garage doors
  • Have a peephole installed in the door that goes from your house to your garage. If you hear suspicious noises you can look to see what it is without opening the door.
  • Use a C-clamp to prevent the garage door to be opened on the track
  • Get a key chain garage remote opener. If you have a garage door remote you leave on your car’s visor and your car gets broken into, your home is then at risk too.
  • Put a dead bolt on the door that goes from your garage to your house. That way if the intruder does get into your garage they cannot get into your home.
  • Install lights outside of your garage. Intruders don’t like well-lit areas.
  • Put your name permanently on all your high-end valuables. It’s difficult to pawn things off when there’s a name on them.

National Security Companies in PA

  1. FrontPoint Security – 888-268-6273
  2. Protect America – 888-255-7812
  3. LifeShield – 866-311-1331

Here is a comparison of the Top Security Companies. You’ll find why we have chosen these three national companies as the best out there.

Local Home Security Companies in PA

Here are some cities we have reviewed for local security companies in Pennsylvania.

  • Philadelphia
  • Pittsburgh