(DVR – Digital video recorder) There have been many technology innovations and discoveries being made every day. One area that has largely benefited is the surveillance and security industry. Since the emergence of surveillance DVR, it has become easy to track intruders and thieves. So what is a surveillance DVR? This refers to Digital video recorder cameras that can be concealed to record videos for security purposes. It is a new surveillance technique that is increasingly becoming popular in homes and commercial premises.

surveillance-dvrA DVR camera is no doubt an essential security system for businesses and homes and this is mainly because of its versatility. The system can be used indoor or outdoor depending on the security strategies of the user. This recording device can capture all the video signals and footage of people coming in the vicinity. If the camera is meticulously placed at a strategic point, it is easier to know the trespassers who have been around the area. The popularity of this surveillance system is growing in lips and bounds. A digital video recorder camera can record video footage even in the darkest area. The signal of the footage is then stored in digital devices that are more efficient compared to the ordinary video tapes.

When the system is installed outside, the cameras used can be hidden or visible. If there is any organized crime or breach of security, the cameras will serve as a deterrent measure. However, the location matters a lot. For instance, a DVR surveillance meant for public places or business areas should be visible. The hidden types are more appropriate in private residence. In this case, the camera can be hidden in places where intruders cannot suspect. Homeowners can also install indoor recording cameras to track and record all the events happening in the house.

With the recent increase in crime, theft and vandalism, having this kind of security apparatus at home is inevitable. High performance DVR security systems can deter and keep intruders away.

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