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What is the Emergency Button for Elderly People?


The emergency button for elderly people is known many different ways: elderly alert button, panic button, medical alert device, emergency link for elderly people. No matter what name it goes by, the system and idea behind the emergency button is ingenious and effective. It creates a reassuring lifestyle for anyone who craves independence, but is afraid of what may happen if an emergency situation were to occur when they are alone, and render them unable to reach a phone or other communication device.

The idea really is as simple as it sounds. The emergency button for the elderly is a device that is worn in a discreet manner (usually as a medical alert bracelet, wristband, or necklace). They come in many stylish designs to suit anything from active, glamorous or fun lifestyles, so that no one even needs to know that you are wearing one ever.

In the event that you need assistance, all you have to do is simply press your elderly alert button.

When the alert button has been activated, it sends an electronic signal to a base unit that is located conveniently within your home. This base unit is plugged into your phone jack (and a power source), and will instantly dial the 24/7 response centre.

A staff member at the response center will immediately speak to you through the speaker phone located within your base unit, and determine verbally with you what the situation is. If you have fallen down, and just need the assistance of a family friend or neighbor, they will contact your primary responders (which you will have listed with them). If there is in fact a medical emergency, they will dial the emergency response providers and get you ambulatory/paramedic services immediately.

This easy system provides you not only with the correct, customized emergency assistance you need, but also prevents undue calls to ambulatory services. By determining whether you just need someone to come over and help you get back up, or if you in fact need medical assistance, you can rest assured knowing that your elderly alert button will get you the assistance you need, every time.

There are also multiple backups that ensure the service is 24/7, to keep in accordance with the centers that are always open and ready to assist you. If the power happens to go out in your home, your base unit has a chargeable battery, maintaining a constant link to the response center. If the power happens to go out in the response center located closest to you, then your calls are automatically always re-routed to another center. There are many centers across the nation, and internationally so you never have to worry about not being able to reach a center with your alert button for elderly people.

So why not bring you and your family the hard-earned peace of mind and dependability that you deserve? Now that you know what an emergency button for elderly people is, and how it works, you can feel comforted knowing that you will always be able to get the emergency assistance you need, while still maintaining your life – the way you want.