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What’s the difference between PTZ and Mini Speed Dome Cameras?

Infrared PTZ Camera

PTZ Verus Mini Speed Dome Cameras

PTZ cameras and Mini Speed Dome Cameras are almost the same thing, however, there are some slight differences.

PTZ stands for Pan Tilt Zoom. It is an acronym that is used to describe the camera’s capabilities. A PTZ camera is able to be controlled with a remote control or joystick. It is able to be directed in several directions, including up and down, left of right, and can also zoom in and out. Comparatively, mini speed dome cameras are very versatile. They can be fastened to the wall or hung from the ceiling. Some are also tinted or shaded. This is especially useful for businesses and stores because they deter theft. Criminals will be less likely to steal from stores with cameras, and even less likely if they are unsure of the direction the camera is facing.

Potential Advantages Of Mini Speed Dome Cameras

Mini high speed dome cameras are very versatile when compared to their competition. They come in many different sizes and price ranges. There is a mini dome camera that can fit every customer. They can also capture high resolution footage without the extreme need for storage like PTZ cameras. Since they stay in a fixed area, they will not miss any security footage from within the designated area. This is great for areas with high traffic that have a need for constant surveillance.

Potential Advantages Of PTZ Cameras

PTZ cameras can be tilted, panned, and zoomed to have coverage over many acres. This is a lot more coverage than a traditional camera. Since they can cover such a large area, the price to have footage per square foot is a lot less. A PTZ camera can replace three or more cameras that cover a large area. These kinds of cameras can be places on tracks that record areas that need to be highly monitored. Additionally, the footage resolution on PTZ cameras is amazing. A person looking through the security footage should have no problem viewing tiny details within a video. PTZ’s also have operators that are able to track a suspicious person, zoom in on their facial features, and record their license plate numbers. PTZ cameras also amaze people with the high quality images it is capable of capturing.

Potential Drawbacks Of Mini Speed Dome Cameras

Mini speed dome cameras are not designed to take footage of long distances. Rather, they are meant to be used in places that do not require a lot of coverage. This means that a lot of mini speed dome cameras will need to be purchased to do the same job as a PTZ camera. Additionally, they will not be able to record details from footage that is far away. This means that sometimes security footage will be incomplete or unusable.

Potential Drawbacks Of PTZ Cameras

Sometimes PTZ cameras provide a false sense of security since they are often misused or not completely understood. Since they are more complex than a normal camera, they require special maintenance and do not last as long as traditional models. They can only record security footage in the areas they are facing. Footage is often missed when the cameras are not synchronized. PTZ cameras also require a lot more storage. Since they cover such a large area, they have to have better frame rates and high resolution, especially if any video needs to be recorded from a distance.