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Where to Use Hidden Surveillance Cameras


With advancements in technology hidden surveillance cameras are becoming popular, as they are becoming smaller and more powerful. Hidden surveillance camera can be wired or wireless. Wired cameras are directly connected to DVR or VCR whereas wireless cameras transmit their signal to receivers which are connected to DVR or VCR.

A hidden camera can be handy in several situations where you don’t want those being observed to know they are being so. Bellow you can find some situations where having hidden cameras can be more beneficial than having visible ones.

  • Hidden surveillance camera are widely used in entry and exit door of public places like shopping malls,
    schools, colleges, offices, hotels and restaurants to ensure security.
  • Video Recording by hidden surveillance camera can be produced as evidence in court in case of illicit
  • Installing this type of camera in bank ATM prevents theft.
  • To monitor cars and vehicles in traffic signal hidden surveillance camera can be used.
  • Hidden Surveillance Camera can be used for commercial purpose like television reality shows. These types
    of shows use this camera to catch participants in unpleasant situations.
  • Journalists use Hidden surveillance camera for sting operation.
  • It can be installed in exam halls to prevent cheating.
  • Hidden cameras are placed in offices to record employee performance.
  • Police use this camera to spy on suspects in investigation cases.
  • Hidden cameras are installed in airways, rail-station to prevent terrorism and to increase public protection
  • Hidden surveillance camera can be secretly installed in common household objects like smoke detector,
    alarm sensors, lipstick, pen etc for various uses.