Surveillance cameras are great way for you to protect your personal possessions and yourself. However many people do not know good, strategic places to set up their security cameras, which happens be one of, if not the most important part.

Vandal proof surveillance cameras should be placed in areas out of reach, this is an obvious step in preventing possible vandals from causing damage to your expensive hardware. Your security measures you also be setup in strategic locations which can help cover large areas. E.g. Placing a camera on the front of your home at an angle to capture people coming up your driveway.

Whilst vandal proof security devices are designed to take a fair bit of damage, they should be completely hidden if you want to make sure damage to your surveillance hardware is minimal. However prominently positioned security cameras can make excellent deterrents, and have been know to to make would be thieves or vandals think twice about committing a criminal offence on your property.

Knowing specific areas in where to place your security systems is a crucial step in preventing possible crime on your property. For home and personal use, security cameras should be present at the back and at the front of your home. Remember criminals don’t always use the front door! Likewise if you are serious about preventing vandals and criminals from accessing your property, try to strategically position a security device at the side of your home as this can deter criminals from trying to access the back of your property.

For businesses with large corporate buildings vandal proof security measures are a good way to protect your companies property, try to have a good layout of cameras around the front of your building to act as a deterrent and make sure to have at least a few discreet cameras around the back to capture any criminal activity.  Hopefully this article has shed some light on the importance of the positioning of your security devices and how it is essential for you and your property’s protection.

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