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Why are surveillance hard drives so expensive? and Can I use my own Hard Drive?

Why Are Surveillance Hard Drives So Expensive?


Can’t I use my own hard drive?

The short answer is, that we won’t stop you. (You won’t break our warranty on the DVR). We can understand your desire to do so with the seemingly high price tag we attach to the drives. The reason they may seem expensive is twofold.

First off, we install and configure them for you, saving you time and money.

Secondly, we use extremely high grade specialty hard drives specifically designed to be operated 24/7 for years on end without failure. A normal PC hard drive will most likely burn out within 6-8 months from the strain of recording several video feeds 24/7. While you could put your own hard drives in, we would not cover them under the warranty (but you won’t break your DVR’s warranty).

So if you want to put in a spare hard drive, we are fine with it, but you would probably be happier with letting us handle it.


Who makes Surveillance-Rated Hard Drives?

And who do you carry?

This is Western Digital’s latest models

And this is Seagate’s