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Why You Need a Nanny Cam


If you have a nanny whom you do not personally know who cares for your young child or children at home, you might wonder if and why you need a nanny cam. There are many reasons to utilize nanny cams, so a better question might be “Why shouldn’t I use a nanny cam?” If you’re thinking about purchasing nanny cams to monitor your home when you’re not there, you should know that many other caring parents use nanny cams and review the footage daily until they feel comfortable with their children’s caregivers. Here are the top reasons why you need a nanny cam:

  1. Protect Your Children: This is one point you’d probably rather not think about, but the hard truth is that child abuse happens every day, and the perpetrators even include nannies with clean backgrounds who seem like the nicest people in the world. Nanny cams have captured many abusive situations all over the world on film. Nanny cams allow parents to find out about abusive situations right away. Without them, someone could continually abuse your children for months or years without your knowledge. These cameras provide hard evidence of abuse that can make it easy to quickly prosecute these crimes and ensure that justice is served and your children are kept safe.
  2. Relax: Many parents, especially new moms, worry incessantly about leaving their precious babies with people they do not know personally, particularly for the first few times. Many of these moms report a lack of focus and decreased performance at work due to constant worry. However, these parents also report that having nanny cam footage to review completely put them at ease and gave them back a sense of control over their children’s well-being.
  3. See How Your Nanny Performs: Parents can check on their nannies to see if they are fulfilling their job requirements. Is your nanny preparing healthy meals and feeding your child regularly, or is she using sugary sweets to reward good behavior and obtain bargaining power? Is she teaching your children and engaging them in appropriate activities as you suggested, or does she use your TV and movie collection for kids as a substitute sitter so she can laze about? You’ll never know without a nanny cam. Businesses sometimes use similar spy cameras to check up on questionable employees. You have the right to know what happens to your child in your home when you’re hard at work.
  4. Nanny Cams Are Easy to Use: Most highly rated nanny cams are a cinch to set up and require only a few minutes of your time to get them ready to work like a charm. Nanny cams are disguised as common household items such as alarm clocks, night-lights and smoke detectors. Because nanny cams are so well hidden, your nanny will have no idea that you are filming her.
  5. Nanny Cams Are Legal: Using security cameras on your private property is legal in almost all 50 states. However, recording audio along with video can verge on violating national wiretapping and eavesdropping laws. While recording audio without the subject’s consent is not outrightly illegal, hidden camera footage that includes an audio track can be ruled inadmissible evidence in some courts. If you’re worried about the legality of using an audio-enabled nanny cam, either purchase a model that records video only or disable the audio-recording feature on your current nanny cam.